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The History of Sim Speedway
By Fred, Robert, Andy and Rob from Sim Speedway

Sim Speedway was founded by Alan Ainslie in 2004, Alan enveloped friends from Berwick Bandits (the first bend crew) to join him with their friends and a few of Alan's speedway associates.

Sim was born running one season as Div 1, 2 and 3 with 10 teams in each, before introducing the UL. PL and AL in the next season.

Alan and sidekick 'Porkpie' were pivotal to our Sim in the early days. An interesting fact is our very own 'statto' Andy Dixon remains the only ever present manager and still very much devoted to the simulation, so much that almost 13 years on we are now in our 18th season and 124 clubs later, we now move into our 19th season at the end of May!

We are always happy to hear from prospective managers [ fetaylor66@gmail.com ]

Alan remained positive up to the time he was made redundant in 2010, the thought of losing Sim saw (despite the distance between them) Fred Taylor (Thurrock) and Robert Elliot (Edinburgh) get together to get Sim restarted with 8 teams in 3 leagues. With the restart imminent, Alan joined up with us to help keep Sim going, after the spade work it was agreed Alan be supported by Steve Haywood a Berwick resident (from the 2011 season) as Fred and Robert took a back seat, for a period Sim was going through the motions, then Alan due to his business interests advised on the eve of a season (2014) that Sim would be no more.

For Fred and Robert this was not an option and after discussions Alan agreed to hand over Sim including game files (thank you Alan), but starting from scratch took its time, the re-birth which included a new website was in 2014. Since then Sim has gone from strength to strength and is as healthy as it ever was, now being enjoyed by 40 teams as Fred and Robert have increased the Leagues to 4 with KO Cup competitions, 4TT and 3TT events plus the Pairs and LRC..

Many of the additions in Sim have come since Fred and Robert have taken the lead, we have continued with the pre-season challenges, however Individual events have reduced in number, we introduced rider preferences which gives each rider a CMA at all of our tracks which puts the onus on managers to think more about who they choose. We have a very robust World section, with Andy Dixon at the helm - GP's, GP qualifiers with National Finals, World U/21 and British U/18 championships, World Pairs very new with over 20 countries competing, two Euro Leagues which features riders off our own transfer list and from around the world, with Euro loans allowed in season with clubs having the opportunity to buy in the rider in the following season.

Our Youth Section known as the Juvenile Jaunt has also grown under the direction of Rob Golsby, this coming season sees each club managing 4 youth riders, two of which will race in the JJ Individual season long event, whilst two younger riders will join the others to race in 4TT events through the season on non JJ week, it will be the managers responsibility to transform these youngsters into prospective World Champs.

For more information you are always welcome visit our website: simspeedway.com


This article was first published on 16th April 2017

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  • Stephen Hayes:

    "Been a member of sim speedway now for three years and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Well worth getting involved with if you have some time to spare. When I say time, no more then an hour is needed, but more depending how involved you wish to get. Always nice to have new members."

  • Paul S Duff:

    "As a sim speedway manager for the last 3 seasons I have to say it's compelling, can't wait for the week's results and the number crunching when re-declaring. Having experienced a league win and now battling relegation it's chock full of highs and lows. Don't worry if you're a newbie the forum website is fully interactive and there's loads of good advice and help. I love it !! - Let the Bullets Fly (Bottesford Bullets race at the Bullet Arena, North Lincolnshire)"

  • G Bailey:

    "SIM is a great community and a wonderful game - from 10 mins a week to a few hours, it appeals to everyone - I have been around for nearly 10 years now and I would say to anyone, give it a go."  


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