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Soundbites: 23rd April 2005

Billy Sanders

"Billy is a Witches legend and he was a brilliant rider. He had a flair about him and a big hunger to win things. His biggest wish was to be crowned world champion, but it did not happen. I can remember meeting him at Foxhall Stadium when he arrived as a 16-year-old and he went on to become an adopted son of Suffolk and serve the club so brilliantly. I still miss him and know a great many of our fans do as well."
John Louis on Billy Sanders who died 20 years ago today

"It was great to beat Poole on aggregate at Blunsdon on Thursday night and move on in the KO Cup to a meeting with Coventry. I think we showed our potential in the second leg, but obviously Poole were a little bit under strength as they didn't have Kasprzak. It was just nice to have an easy meeting - well not easy as we were chasing 10 points - but a comfortable meeting."
Leigh Adams of Swindon Robins

"He was put on a course of antibiotics and is determined to be in the side at Mildenhall on Sunday. Danny had a few reserve rides for the Fen Tigers last season and wants to go back to West Row and show them how much he has improved."
Wimbledon manager Dingle Brown on Danny Betson

"Stoke were obviously desperate to replace Paul and they kept on at me. But I've agreed to do just six meetings for them. If I feel I want to do more I will. If Stoke had come in for me before Christmas I would have signed for the whole season. But when I couldn't find a club I wasn't that interested in speedway to be honest."
Peter Carr

"I'm happy that our squad is working well. We've shown that we can use our four top riders and three grade two riders quite comfortably."
Mildenhall boss Wayne Swales

"Krzys is on the gas right now. Everything is going perfectly for him. He just has to enjoy the moment because in speedway there are good times and bad times and he is certainly having good times now. It is great for Krzys and his form is also great for the team. In short, Krzys' form is quite simply amazing."
Bjarne Pedersen pays tribute to team mate Krzysztof Kasprzak

"The result might say we lost by six points, but this is really a victory. I know Oxford won at Arena, but that was on a very poor track. No-one else has managed to get closer than 11 points and we all saw the way they annihilated Poole."
Peterborough promoter Mick Horton - Happy with their result at Arena

"People seemed to be impressed. It was a good performance, but I don't think it was our best."
Hull's Paul Thorp on their win over Workington on Wednesday

"The team performance was magnificent, it was great to see James on form and Darren doing so well for us down in reserve. Tomas and Adam beat Boycey, Ashley and Kevin did some great team riding in heat 12 to secure the bonus point and George served us well as a guest for Olly."
King's Lynn manager Rob Lyon on their home win over the Islanders

"It takes a lot of pain for Phil (Morris) to miss any meetings and he didn't break any ribs on Saturday so he should be fine to race against Hull. Christian (Henry) seems to have had enough bad luck on his own this season to cover the whole team."
George English on his injured opening heat pairing

"We saw the other week how quick George can be around here and Shane is generally good for double points anywhere. We always have a tough time against the Tigers and I'm sure they will run us pretty close again."
Stoke boss Dave Tattum welcomes Glasgow tonight

"I don't think there should be a problem with the BSPA because of the circumstances and if we do get the go-ahead, it's a big chance for Aidan. We're all keeping our fingers crossed that James hasn't suffered a broken scaphoid because if that's the case he could be out of action for around six weeks. After the way he's started the season, that would be a terrible shame."
Graham Drury on the introduction of Aidan Collins to replace James Wright


This article was first published on 23rd April 2005

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