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Soundbites: 21st June 2005


"I don't know why there's no consistency with these referees. When the Exeter riders get good starts there's never anything done. I don't mind getting pulled back once, but twice is too much. I made good starts all night and that was the wrong decision. Last year I had a reputation for making fliers at the start, but I've calmed down a lot this year and haven't been making as good starts. But my reputation preceded me this time."
Paul Thorp - Unhappy with the referee at the County Ground last night

"We were robbed. There were some shocking refereeing decisions. Emiliano Sanchez got a flyer but was brought back. In heat 15 we needed a 5-1 for the bonus but Paul Thorp was penalised for flyers and ended up being handicapped 15 metres. I also thought the referee did not use the two minute time allowance correctly regarding Ray Morton. Ray eventually retired in heat 12 and didn't score any points, but that's not my argument, the situation should've been handled better. I'm not saying we'd have won the meeting, but we'd have come away with the bonus point. It sounds like sour grapes. It's not, but the pratting about cost us."
His team manager David Peet wasn't happy either!

"People told me there was an injury jinx on the Comets and I just laughed at them. But I'm beginning to think there's something in that because all the riders have now had an injury."
Workington boss Graham Drury after losing Kevin Little to a broken shoulder blade

"I've been exercising the leg while on holiday, but I'm still not 100 per cent happy with it. I want to make sure everything is ok before returning to racing."
Danny Bird delays his comeback

This is one of the biggest signings Glasgow have made for years. Leon is one of the hottest young talents in world speedway."
Glasgow boss Alan Dick on the capture of Leon Madsen

"I was at the birth so it was a long weekend and I was very tired when it came to racing. But it was worth every minute."
New daddy Joe Screen - He scored paid nine from three completed rides

"We're delighted to have escaped with a win after Edinburgh made the most of all the hard work early on by our track staff. We know what it's like to be on the wrong end of a recovery like this - we were 10 points up at Trelawny two years ago with two races to go and still lost - so it's great to snatch this one."
George English on Newcastle's win over Edinburgh last night

"Krister has been around long enough to know his job and I'm sure he'll do okay, as long as his starting form is on song. He is a solid performer, as he showed when he rode for us recently in a challenge match at Rye House. I know Krister from when he rode against me when I was in charge of Workington, and I know what he can do."
Ian Thomas on his most recent signing - Krister Marsh

"I think we did really well to take it all the way to a last-heat decider. It is very difficult coming up against Andreas and Scott on their home track and we knew it was going to be particularly hard in heats 13 and 15. The boys did very well to push them right until the end. Yes we would have liked to have won and we did have a couple of bits of luck, but to lose by five points, I am relatively happy with that."
Neil Middleditch on Poole's TV defeat at Coventry

"No rider is guaranteed their place in the team, and if ever I can bring in a rider who can score more than the person already in the team then I will sign them. I owe that much to the fans. To be fair to the current team, their spirit is superb and they are all giving their all, but we need to start stringing some results together. "
Peterborough manager Trevor Swales

"We are proud to have brought Tommy into the Lynn team, even if it was for only a few meetings It gave us a chance to see what he was all about and we were very impressed by his performances. I'm sure we will see Tommy back again before the end of the year or maybe even next year. We wish him every bit of luck in the final."
Buster Chapman on Under 21 World Finalist Tommy Stange

"Tony and I have had a discussion about the future and the door is certainly open at Poole for a return from him when he feels he can commit to British speedway again. I am pleased to say it wasn't met with a `no', but with a `let's talk in the future'. Mike Golding and I had three of our best years promoting the Pirates when Tony was captaining the team and given an opportunity to work with him again I would jump at the chance. I know, also, that if we had a problem with injuries or the like at any time this term, he would come and help us out, although we understand that he is an Ipswich asset and they would always have first call on his services."
Matt Ford - Reveals that Tony Rickardsson could return to the Pirates

"Andreas and Scott pulled it out when it was needed, and I thought it was a terrific battling performance. We had a lot of things go against us but bounced back from it all against the team who are, without doubt, the best in the Elite League."
Peter Oakes on Coventry's home win over Poole


This article was first published on 21st June 2005

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