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Soundbites: 10th April 2004


"Just like the FA Cup in football, the Knockout Cup is a big deal in speedway and the further we go, the more financial rewards on offer and that's important for a club at our level."
Brian White on his Weymouth Wildcats cup clash with Stoke Spitfires

"Make no mistake, the team put together is a very good one and it's going to be a great season for us here on the island."
Ray Morton

"We'll stick by Rory because it's such a stupid, unfair rule. I can't see why it was brought in. What difference does it make?"
John Perrin on Rory Schlein missing out on the World Under 21 championships

"I did half expect the team to take a while to gel after so many new faces arrived during the summer but it needs to happen quickly. It wouldn't be fair on the lads to go making hasty changes right away so they will all be given the chance to prove their worth in the next three or four meetings."
Peterborough promoter Mick Horton

"I admire his determination to prove himself, coming across to Britain and giving it a shot.If he was coming in on a three-point average that might have been a bit different but he wouldn't and as he's clearly not up to Steady's ability it has to be a no for him as far as we're concerned."
Ian Thomas on prospective signing Norbert Magosi

"I'm disappointed on a personal level and for the team. Losing every meeting we've contested is a poor record and one we have to change. The only way to do that is to get a few wins under our belts else we could find ourselves cast adrift from the play-offs before the season has really begun."
Lee Richardson

"He must have run a few black cats over with the luck he has been having. Surely enough is enough and he can now seriously get down to scoring some points."
Lawrence Rogers on Tom P. Madsen

"People assume that because of my dad and uncles I've been on a motor bike since I was out of nappies and doing speedway for years. In my case that didn't happen. I went to meetings to watch dad ride but to be honest I hated speedway and I wasn't interested."
Aidan Collins

"I have to say that I feel sorry for Colin Pratt. He has spent the last four or five years assembling a side that was good enough to finish runners-up last year. Then changes made during the winter meant he was forced to get rid of three of his better riders, and the Bees do not now have the same strong look about them."
Chris Louis on Coventry

"Gary makes a long journey from his Swindon home each week for our home matches and he has got to start making things happen. Armadale was always going to be a bit of a struggle for Gary because it is such a small circuit. But Gary knew that. His average is higher than our reserve Matthew Wethers and he should be doing better. Gary has got to start producing. Right now he is under no pressure from the club - but we expect him to get better. We would certainly like to see a marked improvement from him round some of the bigger away tracks."
Alex Harkess on Gary Phelps


This article was first published on 10th April 2004

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