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Push Passion Play. The 2018 CZ Golden Helmet.
By Tracy Holmes

Jason Doyle

Jason Doyle won the 70th Zlata Prilba and I was delighted! But not as much as he was.

Interviewed soon after the Masterclass and wearing the Masterpiece, he told everyone that this was a dream come true, it was on his bucket list. Then came a snap from the Grand Final and the look of determination in his eyes, WOW!!!

For Jason Doyle, getting a late call up for this meeting and at the time, being the reigning World Speedway Champion, nothing was going to stop him from Golden Glory. The SPG may not have been so successful this year, but has he had such a bad season?

On September 30, Jason became the 6th Australian to win the GH, alongside Ryan Sullivan, Leigh Adams, Jason Crump, Darcy Ward and Chris Holder. Other Kangaroos have joined them on the podium, check this out;

1971. 1st Ole Olsen. 2nd JIM AIREY. 3rd Hans Jurgen Fritz.
1993. 1st Tony Rickardsson. 2nd LEIGH ADAMS. 3rd Armando Castagna.
1997. 1st RYAN SULLIVAN. 2nd Tony Rickardsson. 3rd Mark Loram.
1999. 1st LEIGH ADAMS. 2nd Tony Rickardsson. 3rd RYAN SULLIVAN.
2000. 1st LEIGH ADAMS. 2nd Greg Hancock. 3rd TODD WILTSHIRE.
2001. 1st LEIGH ADAMS. 2nd Marian Jirout. 3rd Mark Loram.
2002. 1st JASON CRUMP. 2nd Matej Zagar. 3rd Lee Richardson.
2003. 1st RYAN SULLIVAN. 2nd JASON CRUMP. 3rd Lee Richardson.
2004. 1st LEIGH ADAMS. 2nd Ales Dryml jnr. 3rd Hans Andersen.
2006. 1st JASON CRUMP. 2nd Hans Andersen. 3rd Nicki Pedersen.
2008. 1st Hans Andersen. 2nd LEIGH ADAMS. 3rd Matej Ferjan.
2009. 1st Rune Holta. 2nd Grzegorz Walosek. 3rd DAVEY WATT.
2013. 1st DARCY WARD. 2nd Greg Hancock. 3rd Przemyslaw Pawlicki.
2014. 1st CHRIS HOLDER. 2nd Freddie Lindgren. 3rd Jurica Pavlic.
2015. 1st Jurica Pavlic. 2nd TROY BATCHELOR. 3rd Martin Smolinski.
2017. 1st Vacalv Milik. 2nd Rune Holter. 3rd MAX FRICKE.
2018. 1st JASON DOYLE. 2nd Martin Vaculik. 3rd Vaclav Milik.

By contrast, no Kiwis have ever won and only three have stood on the podium;

1966. 1st Igor Plechanov. 2nd BARRY BRIGGS. 3rd Boris Samorodov.
1967. 1st Ove Fundin. 2nd BARRY BRIGGS. 3rd Antonin Kasper.
1972. 1st Ole Olsen. 2nd IVAN MAUGER. 3rd Georgi Ivanov.
1973. 1st Milan Spinka. 2nd Ole Olsen. 3rd IVAN MAUGER.
1974. 1st Jiri Stancl. 2nd IVAN MAUGER. 3rd Georgi Ivanov.
1975. 1st Ole Olsen. 2nd IVAN MAUGER. 3rd Jiri Stancl.
1976. 1st Jiri Stancl. 2nd Ole Olsen. 3rd IVAN MAUGER.
1992. 1st Tony Rickardsson. 2nd Toni Kasper. 3rd MITCH SHIRRA.

Jason also joins a select group, those who won the BLRC or name equivalent in the same year;

1972 Ole Olsen.
1977 Ole Olsen.
1985 Erik Gundersen.
1987 Hans Nielsen.
2006 Jason Crump.
2018 Jason Doyle.

When Jason Doyle accepted that late invite, he did not just push play, he PUSHED PASSION PLAY!!! Well done son. Look after that prize, it's priceless!!!


This article was first published on 31st October 2018

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