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Dream Team: Dave Osborne

Wolves fan since 1969, I was only 10 years old! Have tried riding at Ollie Nygren's in 1980, sadly it wasn't for me. Sponsored a young Steve Morris at wolves. Was a trainee ref 2001/2, didn't work out for me. No regrets. Helped run Long Eaton MDL for two seasons winning the league in our first season! Have run some speedway academies at Buxton with Ronnie Correy and Joe Screen. Illnes has prevented me from attending for 3 years, but hoping to do a few at Wolves this season.

Stewart McDonald
Pic by Ian Adam

Sam Ermolenko
One of the greatest team riders that has ever ridden, could take his partner around, actually pointing the the part of the track where he wanted him to be. A great entertainer.

Finn Thomsen.
Such a great bloke, always had a smile for his fans, especially at Wolves. About 10 of us rented a minibus to cheer him on at White City in the Inter-Continental final, he qualified for his world final, and came over to us to say thanks for coming. So sad when he left Wolves.

George Hunter
To watch him enter the bends at Wolves from so far down the straights was amazing. He used to come out before his race, on the back straight he would always adjust his goggles in exactly the same spot! Great rider, should have gone on to much more. Sadly misssed.

Mark Loram
Simply one of the greatest from the back riders, never knew when he was beaten. And British!!

Ole Olsen.
Boyhood hero, superb stylist, even in a tough hard tight race looked supreme, always bought his left foot back up on the footpeg! Wolves hero.

Lee Geary
Who? Lee was my skipper at Long Eaton, always ready to help, and a constant source of help to me. Always has great equipment, very stylish on the bike. So very pleased for the bloke to see he has been given his long awaited chance at Buxton. Go skipper!!!

Stewart McDonald
One season at Wolves, helped us to the league and cup double. Hard as nails, never ever gave up. He would literally ride through a brick wall for the cause! Pity he stopped after that wonderful season.

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This article was first published on 10th April 2016

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