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Brandonapolis 1965 - 1985. A Kiwi Konnection. Part 3.
By Tracy Holmes

1971. September 15.

And again, RONNIE MOORE was the only Kiwi Konnection. Sadly, the defender and new World Speedway Champion, Ole Olsen was unable to attend. Speedway Star's Peter Morrish went into print;

"When Martin Ashby led Soren Sjosten home in heat 16, it was apparent that the destination of the trophy lay between Nigel Boocock and Ray Wilson. We had to wait until heat 20 for the decider, with Soren Sjosten and Tony Lomas thrown in for good measure, and it was Nigel who made the gate and, despite a strong challenge, led the way home for his third Brandonapolis victory."

Heat 1. Sjosten, Simensen, Hill, MOORE.
Heat 7. Boulger, Lomas, MOORE, Owen.
Heat 11. Wilson, Airey, Middleton, MOORE.
Heat 15. N Boocock, E Boocock, MOORE, Betts.
Heat 19. Ashby, MOORE, Harkins. Harrfeldt fall.

1st Nigel Boocock 15.
2nd Ray Wilson 14.
3rd Martin Ashby 12.

Soren Sjosten 11. Jim Airey 10. Tony Lomas 9. John Boulger 9. Gary Middleton 7. Jan Simensen 6. Eric Boocock 6. Sverre Harrfeldt 5. RONNIE MOORE 4. Les Owen 4. Terry Betts 4. Roger Hill 3. Bert Harkins 1. Ron Mountford dnr. [Res] John Harrhy dnr.


1972. September 20. Yet again, it was RONNIE MOORE as the Shakey Isles lone rep. In his last ever appearance, the twice winner had hoped for a better 'last hurrah !' Dave Robottom had this to say in Speedway Star,

"Ole Olsen shrugged off his Wembley disappointment to regain the 'Golden Wonder' sponsored Brandonapolis he was unable to defend last year. A perfectly prepared track resulted in very fast times with Ole equalling the two-week-old track record in heat 4."

Heat 2. Louis, Jansson, France, MOORE.
Heat 8. Persson, Wilson, McMillan, MOORE.
Heat 11. Betts, Olsen, MOORE, Michanek.
Heat 14. MOORE, N Boocock, Owen. Lovaas ef.
Heat 17. Boulger, MOORE, Harrhy, Eide.

1st Ole Olsen 14.
2nd Terry Betts 13.
3rd Bernt Persson 11.

Bengt Jansson 10. John Boulger 10. Nigel Boocock 9. John Louis 9. Anders Michanek 9. John Harrhy 9. RONNIE MOORE 6. Ray Wilson 5. Jim McMillan 5. Rick France 4. Dag Lovaas 3. Reider Eide 1. [Res] Roger Hill 1. [Res] Les Owen 1. Tony Lomas 0.


1973. September 26. "Sorry, Kiwis are off today!"

Sadly, that was the case. Peter Morrish picks up the story for Speedway Star;

"Reading flier Anders Michanek defied a twelfth heat exclusion to land the Golden Wonder Brandonapolis with 12 points, the lowest winning total since GEOFF MARDON won with 12 in 1954. It was a smooth display by the Swede who won his races well and confidently on a track made difficult by pre-meeting rain which held up the start. Nigel Boocock suffered a badly bruised shoulder in a third heat fall and took no further part in the meeting."

1st Anders Michanek 12.
2nd John Boulger 11.
3rd John Louis 11.

Alan Jay 10. Martin Ashby 10. Bob Valentine 10. Ray Wilson 9. Gary Middleton 9. Rick France 8. Reider Eide 7. Jim McMillan 6. Graham Plant 5. Malcolm Simmons 4. Scott Autrey 4. Bert Harkins 1. [Res] Pete Bailey 1. [Res] Soren Karlsson 1. Nigel Boocock 0.


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This article was first published on 27th October 2019

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