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Soundbites: 31st July 2006


"Graeme has done an excellent job for the club in what have been very difficult circumstances. Tut the plain fact of the matter is that given our levels of attendance recently, I have been forced to look at ways of cutting costs. Letting Graeme go is just one of the measures I've been forced to take, and there'll also be some other, mainly cosmetic, changes in the background which will save money."
Aaron Lanney explains the sacking of Cheetah's team manager Graeme Gordon

"We didn't click and Monarchs were without doubt the better team, they were absolutely flying in the first half-yet Edinburgh are probably going to struggle when they come to our place next week simply because they only race the circuit once a year, as is the case for us at Armadale. Finding the correct bike set-up proved difficult and some of us didn't get it right until late on in the meeting. By then we couldn't save the match".
Magnus Zetterstrom on the Rebels' defeat at Edinburgh

"It is a great pleasure to be associated with such a memorable performance and every one of the lads was fantastic. Every rider scored to at least their average and we made a very good team in Poole look very ordinary, despite still being without Jesper B. Jensen."
Peterborough manager Trevor Swales on their amazing 56-36 win at Poole

"They were better than us from heat one to the last race. Their reserves did very well and they just won all their races. Even if we were getting points, they would get a 3-3 or a 4-2 so we couldn't do anything. Everyone was doing their best out there but it was just not working."
Bjarne Pedersen's view of Poole's defeat from Peterborough

"I thought we were very unlucky tonight and deserved more. The boys are in a very positive mood despite everything and looking at their display tonight, it won't be long before we get that win."
Ronnie Russell on Arena's 14th defeat on the bounce. This time at home to Coventry.

"Chris has decided when the time is right to move up to the Elite League, be it in 2008 or 2009, then he wants to ride for our neighbours Poole. "A deal has therefore been agreed between the two clubs but I must stress Chris will remain an Islander for at least another season."
Dave Pavitt explains Chris Holder's transfer to Poole

"There can be no excuses. Glasgow were by far the better team."
Stoke manager John Adams on their 55-38 home mauling from the Tigers

"I said that when I first joined the Comets I would be ruthless. Some people perhaps haven't seen that side of me but this was one of those moments when I had to be ruthless. It isn't easy telling somebody of Thorpy's experience and standing that he's surplus to requirements and it was a tough call to make. I just felt that we needed a fresh face and with Rusty available it was too good an opportunity to miss. It's all down to averages in our sport and very often it isn't a reflection on a rider's ability."
Graham Drury explains the signing of Rusty Harrison and the sacking of Paul Thorp

"I'm a really happy man after this result. Hans had been going very well and had gate one in both his semi and the Final. But I think I put a little doubt in his mind when I worked him hard in our race during the qualifiers, and that paid off for me. I'm taking things one Grand Prix at a time at the moment, and I want to have as good a second half of the season as the first."
Jason Crump on his GP win at Lonigo

"Too many of our riders had off-nights against a team we should have beaten easily. But in the end we've got out of jail with a draw."
Newcastle boss George English on their late comeback last night to salvage a draw with Somerset

"There is a feeling in the league we should only race each team once at home and once away. We are in that camp. That would mean running meetings every other week. At present, having 20 home meetings in the league means every track has to run on nights they would otherwise have chose not to run on. We would run our league meetings on nine prime dates every other Saturday in the summer, plus one Monday meeting live on Sky, and we would have time to promote our meetings properly."
Jon Cook proposes a radical change to fixture scheduling in the 2007 Elite League

"At the moment, we are just looking at things and will see how the next week goes. Shaun (Tacey) was only on a 28-day contract anyway and we haven't had too many words thereafter so both parties are just keeping their options open. At this point in time, we are in a position where we haven't discussed the future and we will probably have a chat over the next couple of days."
Matt Ford on possible team changes at Poole


This article was first published on 31st July 2006

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