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Soundbites: 29th May 2006


"It was an absolutely stupendous victory over Workington, they are a very strong side this year and it was always going to be tough but all our lads rode brilliantly! I rate this possibly as the best victory for a Diamonds side ever, it really was that good. Many had tipped the Comets to win the Cup this season, and we put them out in the final heat of the tie in spectacular fashion. So proud, so very, very proud!"
George English after Newcastle knocked the Comets out of the cup

"I asked them what they were going to do about the incident. I can either continue it and try to get an answer from them or leave it with them to reply. The ball at the moment is still in their court."
Neil Collins awaits a response from the SCB on the James Grieves affair

"I was very pleased that the meeting went ahead, in view of the fact that the track was absolutely flooded on Thursday. We pumped 2,000 gallons of water off the track. It was also a very good crowd again. Despite the Bank Holiday weekend, people wanted to come out in wet, drizzly conditions. Full marks to the Plymouth public."
Mike Bowden

"It was a disappointing start against Plymouth but that has gone now. We can't do anything about it so we have to make sure we are on it for the rest of the season. We can't afford to lose any more points if we want to win the league. We are already behind and a lead can build quickly."
Scunthorpe's Josh Auty

"I am going to have a team meeting this weekend to discuss the riding order which will come into effect for our match at Rye House next Sunday. I have my own ideas on how we should operate things but I want to hear what the riders say themselves about the situation."
Workington manager Graham Drury on the new averages

"I had a good night tonight, I know, but so did the rest of the team and we're really starting to gel together as a unit. I'm sure all of us will continue to improve. We're working hard to do just that and hopefully, more and more people will come to Smallbrook on Tuesday nights to cheer us on."
Jason Bunyan who scored a maximum for the Islanders on Tuesday

"I had a nine-day break from racing following my crash at Poole, which was very frustrating for me as all I want to do is race. Fortunately the injury hasn't been too much of a setback to my season. I've only missed one scheduled home match since I got injured, but it seems a lot longer than that. I can't wait to race in front of the Poole fans again."
Krzysztof Kasprzak on his return from a collarbone injury

"It's been brilliant. I couldn't have asked for better and I'd like to thank all those who came along either to watch or take part. I think everyone has had a good time and that is important to me. There's been so much to think or worry about, but it's gone well and I'm so pleased."
Robbie Kessler on his testimonial on Saturday night

"We were not particularly happy with the ban, but accepted it as a punishment for the rider. However, despite the SCB rules clearly stating that when there is a ban, for an assessed average rider such as Burza, the facility allowed is Rider Replacement. We had to use local rider Gary Flint who tried his best, but we have now lodged an immediate appeal to the SCB, with the appropriate fee and asked for a re-staging of the meeting allowing us Rider Replacement to cover Burza's one meeting ban."
Berwick promoter Peter Waite - Agrieved after their home defeat from the Isle of Wight

"I'm very disappointed, I won't take anything away from King's Lynn, they were better than us on the day. We didn't have enough match practice, not racing at home for a month took its toll and our second strings just didn't perform. We had some diabolical refereeing decisions against us and it's the worst refereeing I have seen this season at Mildenhall. The tactical rides didn't really work and having two riders excluded made the difference as well."
Mick Horton on the Fen Tigers home defeat on Sunday

"That was an awesome display from the team. We came here with a depleted team and to be honest our main objective had to be to keep the bonus point, but the team really upped their game and pulled off a great performance and result."
Jim Lynch - Happy after the Bulldogs won at Eastbourne

"We are all absolutely gutted at not getting the win. Now we now need to make sure we win by at least five points on Wednesday at our Raceway against the Bees to at least get three of the five League points at stake over the two matches."
Ronnie Russell on the Hammers last race defeat at Coventry on Friday

"I have always wanted to be one of the top riders in every country I race and seeing a figure in the region of 10 after your name is great. But my average is not the most important thing to me. What I regard as being much more crucial is hitting the targets I set myself ahead of each meeting."
Hans Andersen


This article was first published on 29th May 2006

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