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Soundbites: 28th June 2005

Rickardsson tops the rostrum in Denmark

"I never try to break records, that is not my main ambition. I just try to win as many races as I can, and if you win races, then you will win GPs as well. I know I only need a small, small slip and I won't be winning, so I need to stay focussed. I never take anything for granted."
World Champion elect - Tony Rickardsson

"I've never been able to beat Tony before, but that was the best race I have done and I suddenly thought `hey, I beat Tony' and that's a great feeling. It was a good race too and real fun. He has always been so hard to beat because he is such a great rider. I really want to be like him in time, but there is a way to go yet. I was very pleased with third place. Of course you come to every meeting to want to win it, but I am learning so much this year and I think that it is so good for me that I have to work at getting the results."
Antonio Lindback - Delighted to defeat Rickardsson in the semi-final at Parken

"It is always pleasing to get something from an away match and I am proud of my boys getting a draw."
Len Silver on Rye's draw at Newcastle last night

"I have until midnight on Wednesday to sign a rider so that he can be declared in the three days before we ride against Exeter. It has been non-stop work for me. I have been trying all over Europe to bring in a suitable rider and so far I haven't been able to come up with the right person. There are riders available but it's no good bringing in someone who can ride in one meeting and then misses the next three because of commitments on the continent. I have had two Polish riders under review and have also been looking in Sweden but haven't been able to make a signing as yet. Sebastian Tresarrieu of Swindon is still in the frame but it is dependent on the Robins making a signing themselves. Everyone was full of it that they had signed a Pole called Belinsky but when all comes to all it hasn't gone through. Some promoters are getting fed up of me ringing them but I am always persistent and I'm sure we'll get something sorted before too long."
Workington boss Graham Drury - Still trying to replace Kauko Nieminen

"It's not going to be easy, but we have to go there feeling optimistic. It's only half-time, and we can look back on some good results at Berwick. The pressure will be on them now, which might just work in our favour."
Robbie Kessler - Stoke travel to Berwick tomorrow in cup action

"The team just keeps getting better and better, what a win! We have beaten a good side and cemented our place at the top of the division. I am confident we can go on and win it. It would be great if we did. This gives us a good score to take to their place. We have raced against all the teams in the league now so the lads should have nothing to fear."
Kenny Smith on Scunny's Conference Trophy win over Stoke Spitfires

"That was sheer agony, but well worth it. It was a great meeting."
PL Pairs winner - Shane Parker

"Throughout the final I could see what was going to happen in terms of a last-heat decider and so I just had to get my head down and ride through the pain. I didn't make the gate although I was challenging Andrew Tully when he fell and I was just glad to see him excluded and not me. I wasn't going to take any risks in the re-run and so I just made sure I stayed on and collected the point we needed for victory."
Tom Brown - A quarter of Weymouth's fours winning side

"I thought I was here until the end of the season. We'll just have to see what happens. All I can do is keep scoring good points in the Premier League and ironically this came just after a really good weekend when I got my first maximum on Friday in the win over Newcastle and then a paid 12 points for Workington against King's Lynn on Saturday. I feel I've done everything asked of me in my time for Panthers and it's very disappointing."
Ritchie Hawkins - Dropped by Peterborough

"Most of the comments I have received from sponsors and supporters have been very encouraging. We were in the situation where we had lost Paul Lee through injury and I had to move quickly to cover his absence, straight after the meeting we made the decision to bring Kevin Doolan back in but we needed the extra points to fit him in. Matthew Wethers was also available so the decision was made to replace Adam Allott too and use the points left from Adam and Paul to fit Matthew in."
Buster Chapman - Pleased with the reaction to King's Lynn's team changes

"I know it might sound stupid, but I'm not that disappointed by what we got. Basically we were given a lesson in gating and Berwick were on fire. We were poor but, all things being equal, we'd have put up a better show with a full team or with a guest scoring double points."
Dave Peet on Hull's hammering at Shielfield

"I'll be badly out of pocket because I'm a self employed plasterer and earn £500 per week if working every day, while I will also be losing my speedway earnings. It means I'll have to win a lot of races when I come back, or otherwise get six numbers up on the Lottery!"
Paul Lee on the consequences of his arm injury

"Adam has come into the team and decided his job was to try and make my life difficult. He loves to ride for the club and that has shown in his last two performances. The meeting at Swindon was astonishing. The plan was for him to stay with us for a month, but Adam just wants to hang in with us."
Chris van Straaten - Tempted to retain 'temporary signing' Adam Skornicki

"Rye House are an excellent side, so it reflects well on our team that we drew despite the zero from our captain. I was very close to dropping Phil from heat 13. But it would have meant putting Christian (Henry) into gate two for that race and he wasn't confident about doing well from such an inside position."
Newcastle boss George English on Phil Morris' duck on Monday night

"I believe Daniel has the potential to increase his average and I doubt there will be many better reserve partnerships than the one he'll form with Lukas."
Trevor Swales - Happy with Peterborough's capture of Daniel Davidsson

"It was a terrible blow, especially as Jason was going so well. I don't think we'd have won the meeting with him but I'm sure we would have sneaked the aggregate bonus point."
Ian Thomas on the injury Jason Crump picked up at Eastbourne in last night's telly match


This article was first published on 28th June 2005

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