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Soundbites: 26th August 2005


"We were worth the win. It was always going to be tough for Boston team manager Malcolm Vasey, as we were too strong. It was damage limitation for them. The riders are getting more confident every week, all seven are chipping in with points at every meeting and that is what wins matches."
Mildenhall boss Mick Horton on Sunday's win over Boston

"There's still 16 league points available and we have a more than evens chance of snatching the championship."
Wimbledon team manager Dingle Brown

"Hopefully, if everyone can ride to their best in all our remaining fixtures there is no reason why we can't finish second. Our defeat against Peterborough has been a good kick up the backside for all of us. We had come close to losing at home before but this actual loss has put us under pressure. We have to win our home meetings and I have had to lift my game."
Poole's Ryan Sullivan

"I probably came back too early against Somerset because my ankle was still weak and I hardly had any movement in it. I also hadn't been able to do any training to build the muscles up - that was the big problem. My ankle feels a lot better than it did then so I'm going to give it another go and hope I'm all right."
Ross Brady - He makes his comeback for the Monarchs tonight

"It was hard work but we pulled it off in the end. It was entertaining for the crowd but the track was diabolical. We were left with four riders and young Ben Powell had to do five rides on the trot. Everyone got stuck in and Seb Alden was superb. Everyone performed well and it would have been a great day but for the injuries. We should have won by about 20 points, but we will take any win away from home."
Graeme Gordon on Exeter's win at Newport on Sunday

"We've reached an amicable agreement. I am happy with the outcome. Hopefully we can put the rent problem to bed now."
Hull promoter Paul Hodder - He's agreed a new rent deal for the rest of the season

"It's great to see so many of the old fans coming back to support us, many that I haven't seen since our Elite League days. It's also great to see so many new families every week, a lot of them coming from up the coast where they are on holiday for the week. Even though they might only be able to make it to one meeting this year they all say that they can't wait to come back and see us again next year."
Buster Chapman - Delighted with his crowds at King's Lynn

"In the nine years I have done this job, I have never felt so embarrassed, disgusted and ashamed of a performance as I feel now. I have to say Jamie Robertson rode his socks off and was our only heat-winner, while James Birkinshaw tried very hard. Our travelling supporters deserved much better than that."
George English after Newcastle's 71-23 defeat on the Isle of Wight

"It comes to something when you put a reserve out in the nominated heat 15. I really don't know what to say. We just didn't get going and, once again, we had too many riders who just weren't dialled in."
Stoke boss John Adams on their 56-36 defeat at Hull

"I was looking at how other teams have done recently at Sheffield and it was interesting that Newcastle didn't score 30 points while Rye House just managed to scrape that many. They are both sides competing with ourselves for top eight places so it shows that Sheffield are on fire at home and we didn't put in such a bad effort when you consider how they've been going."
Graham Drury - The Comets lost 59-36 at Owlerton last night

"If we want to win the league we have to start by winning at Buxton. It will give us a springboard to challenge the teams at the top of the division. If we lose it won't be the end of the world, we would still be able to challenge for a place in the top-five. That would still be a great season."
Scunny boss Rob Godfrey


This article was first published on 26th August 2005

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