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Soundbites: 26th June 2006


"Of course I was disappointed to be left out and was determined to show that I deserved a place. To win a Grand Prix is great and this one, in front of such a big Danish crowd, was fantastic."
Hans Andersen

"I am obviously disappointed to lose the race but it was almost as good as a win as I have finished behind a wild card. Also all of my main challengers did not make the final so that was very helpful and I have extended my lead."
Jason Crump - Not disheartened by second place at Parken

"I think we should have done better, we made heavy weather of winning the match. To go to Sheffield with just eight points in hand isn't ideal to try and get the bonus point."
Derek Sneddon on the match at Armadale on Friday

"Jason's form and consistency have been amazing this season and I feel so lucky to be able to watch him week in week out. I can't remember seeing a rider, including Ivan and Barry, who dominated as much as Jason has done this season. But he's not just an outstanding individual, he's also a superb team man, always available to give other riders a hand."
Ian Thomas on Jason Crump

"I was hugely disappointed with George Stancl as all the rest of the team battled hard after Manu's (Hauzinger) crash."
George English on Stancl's five point return at former track Glasgow

"Next Friday, I think, will be the big one which will decide which way the league is going. Hopefully we can get the win."
Plymouth's Mike Bowden looks forward to the visit from Rye House Raiders

"I remember being given the choice of spending six months on my back, with no guarantee I would be back to normal, or have an operation which would keep me out for almost as long but would have a better chance of fixing the problem. I chose the operation and it seems to have been the right thing to do because I'm back doing the thing I enjoy most - racing speedway."
John Branney back in action after his crash last September

"This is a terrific feeling and something I have been waiting for three years as captain of the Spitfires. I'm so pleased for the supporters, and everyone connected with the team. We have been close in the past and we deserved this victory."
Stoke Spitfires captain Luke Priest on their fours win

"Lee looked really good and was unlucky with the gate. He's not been at his best this season but he's showing signs of getting back there and that's very important to us. If he can score us 10 points, which is what I'm looking for from him, then that makes a big difference to the team."
Alun Rossiter - Encouraged by Lee Richardson's performance in the GP

"To have Neil back is a timely boost. We have one of our high scorers back. We all know his skills, his ability, his points potential and he's back and that's great."
Tim Stone welcomes Neil Collins back into the Newport team

"With Branney already injured, and a guest who has rarely seen Shielfield before, and Birkinshaw's awful crash in Heat 1 we were right up against it from the start! Heads went well down following that, and we never really recovered. We had the self-destruct button pressed and we could not recover. Sheffield were worthy winners, but I feel we could have won had Branney been fit and Birkinshaw had not suffered so badly in Heat 1, but ifs and buts don't win matches, as we saw tonight."
Peter Waite on Berwick's home defeat from Sheffield

"Tonight I am happy with my racing and it is good to start with Ipswich with two wins. With Oxford I was riding in the number 2 position in the team which was hard for me, but now I am riding at Number 7 I am happy that I can learn the tracks quickly and start to score some good points. Having riders like Chris Louis and Mark Loram in the team with me will certainly help me learn as they are riders with such knowledge and experience and everyone has made me feel so welcome. There is a good crowd here tonight and the supporters gave me a tremendous welcome."
New Witch - Tobias Kroner


This article was first published on 26th June 2006

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