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Soundbites: 25th September 2004


"I did the damage back in May at Berwick. It's not very good, they think I might have stretched my ligament. I can bend my knee, but sideways movement is difficult. It's hard to explain. It feels as though it's got grit in it, and it's tight. I'm OK if the track is smooth, but if it's rutted, I'm struggling a bit. It's 50:50 whether I complete the season or not."
Ross Brady

"The centrepiece of the development will be the speedway stadium, but we have plans for many other forms of motorsport. I believe it will be the envy of every other speedway club in the country and people will travel from miles around to see great racing. Our current home at the Showground has the reputation of being the best racing track in the country. I don't want to just keep that tag, I want to improve it at our new base."
Peterborough promoter Mick Horton on his plans for a new three million pound sport's complex

"We know who they are in the sport and a card system might just make them think twice if they were going to lose out on making money through a ban. We all go out on the track for the buzz the sport gives us and to make money. We shouldn't be out there trying to put somebody out of the sport for a long time. You want to go out there and give it your all without wondering about the nutter coming on the inside who is liable to put you in the fence."
Carl Stonehewer suggests introducing red and yellow cards into speedway

"It has not been a successful season, and my big argument with the new regulations and grading is how do you strengthen when you are down? We now hope we can close the book on this year, reorganise for 2005 and return Coventry Speedway to where it should be next season."
Colin Pratt

"We were aware he had an erratic lifestyle. He was at his best if he'd had a drink the night before. I say that tongue in cheek. He is also rarely seen without a cigarette - he is not a role model for youngsters. However, when it comes to delivering the goods on the track no one is better. If he saw something he could make better, he didn't hang around, he'd do it."
Alex Harkess pays tribute to testimonial man Frede Schott

"Ipswich have shown how competitive they can be at Monmore Green with a win and a narrow defeat this year. And in Scott Nicholls and Chris Louis they have track experts. Scott rides well wherever he goes and we must beware of his top-end power. And our circuit must surely rate as Chris Louis' best-loved track away from Foxhall Stadium. I cannot remember Chris having a poor meeting at Wolves, and we will have to watch him closely. Jesper B Jensen is our asset and knows the track well, while Hans Andersen helps to give Ipswich a top four that is second to none on visits to Monmore Green."
Wolves boss Chris Van Straaten is wary of the visit of Ipswich in the play-offs

"Even though Wimbledon beat us and are second in the table, they have no matches remaining. The only team that can catch us are Sheffield but they will have to win their three matches and collect bonus points as well."
Graham Drury - Hopeful that Mildenhall will win the Conference Trophy

"A lot of children didn't come to meetings this season because of school the next day, so we are seriously considering moving the dogs from Friday to Thursday and having Friday as our speedway night. We want the fans to let us know what they think."
Avtar Sandhu - Owner of Coventry

"This is clearly not ideal but we don't have a lot of choice in the matter at this stage. George has done a good job whenever we've called upon him and we know he will give us maximum effort. Rymel is a rider with great potential and we feel sure he has the ability to cover for Andrew very nicely, but we know we have a tough task on our hands. I have to say it's a nightmare job trying to ensure we get the riders who can do the job and guests can be very unpredictable."
Sheffield promoter Neil Machin on puting together a side for the Young Shield clash at Reading on Monday

"We tried to get last night's match on but in view of the weather and the state of the track it would have been like racing in six inches of mud. We have gone through because we won the first leg at their track and also because we took the aggregate bonus points in our Elite League matches against Coventry."
John Perrin on Wednesday's cup postponement and their 'bye' to the quarter-finals of the cup

"It didn't look very good early on, but we came back well to win. It will be tough up at Belle Vue in the second leg but we have a six-point lead to take there. We didn't do so good up there last time, but Monday is another day."
Leigh Adams on Swindon's cup comeback on Thursday

"We are two evenly matched sides, and the supporters can make a big difference in tipping what little home advantage there is our way. Having achieved our aim of a top-four finish, we would love to go a bit further than the first round."
Stoke boss Dave Tattum on tonight's Young Shield clash with IoW

"I'm interested in seeing Freddie. He was only 19 last week and has already represented Sweden Under-21s 11 times and he was the Swedish Under-21s champion last year when he had five matches in the Elite League for Wolves."
Ian Thomas on booking Freddie Lindgren for tonight's Cumberland Classic


This article was first published on 25th September 2004

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