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Soundbites: 25th June 2005


"Bjarne is moving out towards the fence, I am moving out towards the fence and Ferjan is shutting off the gas because Matej is in the middle of nowhere. Then I am in front of Matej and I felt something hit my back wheel. Matej must have taken my back wheel and went into the fence. Sometimes if I do something wrong I agree, but this is stupid. There is no need for this, for the crowd to react in the way that they did because this was not my fault. Ferjan has just gone down after the collision like he does. He did it when Leigh Adams passed him in a meeting on Sky recently and he has done it again."
Nicki Pedersen on his tangle with Matej Ferjan at Poole on Wednesday

"I am just lucky I got up after that crash without any injuries. How can he say it was my fault? I was in front of him and I couldn't see him. If he was in front of me I would have been able to see him, wouldn't I? Everyone has said I was in front of him and the referee was right to exclude him. He always does the same thing. He did it to me two years ago and now again. But he does it to everyone. It is okay to be hard, but not to kill someone. That was simply too dangerous."
Ferjan responds

"The surgeon is making sure that the ankle is 100% and he is doing the best job possible. It's human nature, certainly in my case, to want to get on and get back on my bike as soon as I can. But for my future we have to make sure things are spot on."
Craig Watson - Sounds a note of caution over his injury

"We do feel that the changes we have made over the past couple of weeks are very much for the benefit of Glasgow speedway and although we might not reap these rewards immediately, it is certain that the long term picture is much brighter."
Alan Dick on Tigers' recent team changes

"I like Glasgow and I'm looking to do well there. Stoney has told me just to get out of the gate and keep going. We seem to ride well together and I'd like to think we have a good chance."
James Wright - One of half of Workington's combination in Sunday's pairs

"Wayne Carter is thriving as the lead rider. He has really got the bit between his teeth right now. Benji Compton was brilliant against Mildenhall, winning in some difficult heats. Danny Norton has been consistently good this season, and Byron Bekker has come in and made such an impact on the team. He is all-action."
Scunthorpe boss Kenny Smith on his team for the fours at Stoke

"Emil (Kramer) was terrific but every rider played their part. The reserves were dominant, but we win as a team and everyone scored vital points."
Peter Oakes on Coventry's win at Oxford - Kramer scored paid eight

"If we can win all our home matches we will pick up the vast majority of the bonus points. And with two away victories already we have got to be in the top five at least. You have got to be fortunate with injuries. But if we can sit with the same team for the rest of the season, I cannot see us losing at home and I'm sure we'll pick up more away wins. I'm sure other teams are looking over their shoulders and thinking 'where did this team come from?'"
Edinburgh promoter John Campbell

"I have put in a lot of effort this season, both in terms of machinery and training and it is paying off. The track was prepared superbly and we gave a good overall team performance. I hope we can now build on this and I would like to welcome Jesper B. Jensen to the club. I think he will be a good addition to the team."
Peter Karlsson of Peterborough after their win over Arena

"Trevor has done a great job, but the question now is whether he keeps his place or whether we bring Kyle back. Kyle has been told that he has to prove his fitness before getting his place again. If he does what we expect then it will obviously weigh hugely in his favour - although it will ultimately be a tough decision to drop Trevor,"
Neil Machin has to choose between Trevor Harding and Kyle Legault for a reserve place

"Taking Adam out of the team was a very hard decision for me to make. I obviously thought a lot of him otherwise I wouldn't of bought him last year, but I have been forced into this move through injuries. Despite this, I didn't hesitate too much as I have found myself getting more and more frustrated with Adam every week. I suppose it won't make sense to a few people as Adam scores well at home and has managed to push his average up to 7.3. But at the end of the day he doesn't score enough points away from home and I need a more consistent team if we are to win any silverware this year."
Buster Chapman on his decision to drop Adam Allott

"It's a bitter blow to lose both, we can obviously have a guest for Garry, but he's been going so well everywhere. A number of potential riders are either already racing elsewhere or cannot be used due to the seven-day rule. Using rider replacement for Emiliano is not an ideal scenario. However, that's all we can have under the rules, so that's all we can have."
Dave Peet on the injuries sustained by messrs Stead and Sanchez

"To have a world finalist in our midst for the very first time, albeit at under-21 level, is a real boost for a little club such as ours. Many people questioned the wisdom of us signing him but we believed we had signed a winner and that's proving to be the case. Unfortunately Jason's crash changed the mood prevalent at the stadium on Tuesday somewhat but we were very relieved indeed to learn some hours later that X-rays revealed that he had not, in fact, broken his ankle."
Islanders' manager Martin Newnham on Tomas Suchanek's and Jason Doyle

"Joe did really well. He'd had little sleep since the arrival of his baby daughter on Sunday and I didn't nominate him for the last race because we'd got the match won by then."
Ian Thomas - Screeny scored a maximum at Sheffield on Thursday

"The riders were as disappointed as the fans on Monday. Our gating was generally poor and Berwick were the better team on the night. We now want to put that meeting behind us and we are determined to make up for it against Sheffield and give the fans something to cheer about."
Andrew Appleton of Reading

"Somerset looks the easiest fixture on paper as they have lost four matches on their own track this season, though they have beaten Berwick and Exeter in their most recent two. I know we have never won there before but it is the sort of match from which we have to get a good result if we are to be serious title contenders. Rye House are likely to be too strong for us tomorrow but if we can run them close and take the bonus point at Brough Park on Monday that will be a great weekend's work."
Darryl Illingworth looks forward to a busy weekend for Newcastle


This article was first published on 25th June 2005

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