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Soundbites: 24th July 2006

Hans Andersen - World Cup Winner

"It's unbelievable. It was a real team effort, we have a young team and we deserved to win it. I'm just glad it didn't go all the way down to Heat 25, although if it had done I'm sure we would still have won!"
World Cup winning captain - Hans Andersen

"It was a great night of speedway, we really wanted to win it but we made a bad start to the meeting and then rode our socks off to get back in. The team should be proud of their efforts."
British skipper Scotty Nicholls

"It was good that we were in front, especially because we were operating rider replacement to cover for the injured Chris Johnson. Unfortunately it means we will have to make another long trip for the re-arranged match."
Mike Bowden after Plymouth's match away to Boston was abandoned

"At first I was disappointed, but now I am quite happy with the decision because all the other best reserve riders in the league have also been moved up. If anything, it will make us stronger with Josh and Tai in the main body of the team. What numbers they will ride at is still to be decided. We will talk with them and the rest of the team to decide what is best. We still have a fortnight to decide."
Scunny promoter Rob Godfrey on being forced to move Woffinden and Auty up from reserve

"This was a mainly financial decision because it was hard to justify running two teams. We have tried it and it has not worked. Running double headers meant that often the track was just not up to it and the Premier League team has to be my priority."
Mick Horton will not run a Conference League team at Mildenhall in 2007

"We felt that Piszcz tried to push Ricky out in what was a highly dangerous maneouvre, but the referee didn't see it that way. Ricky was inches away from being put into the fence and the referee's decision was harsh in the extreme."
Neil Machin defends Ricky Ashworth who was fined for trading blows with Tomasz Piszc of Workington

"I can fully understand the feelings of the Somerset camp but we have to comply with the 10pm curfew and there was no time to stage the final heat. Meetings have been abandoned in similar circumstances at other tracks and I would state that it was our intention throughout to complete the match by running all 15 heats."
Martin Newnham on the Islanders controversial 43-41 win over Somerset

"It was awesome and is the best result we have ever had at Armadale. When you look at our team you wouldn't have thought it possible but our top pair, Stanislav Burza and Andreas Bergstrom, were brilliant, they scored 28 points between them, including two tactical 7-2 advantages."
Peter Waite - Surprisingly pleased with Berwick's 53-43 defeat at Edinburgh

"The track was so bumpy it was like a motocross track. It's a nice shape and could be a good track but it was atrocious. If I had to ride here every week, I'd retire."
Gary Havelock on Berwick's Shielfield Park

"We should have won convincingly but the only way to make amends for that is to win at Oxford on Wednesday. We are capable of doing that. It's always difficult when you race against a team you should patently beat easily."
Jon Cook on Eastbourne's 50-45 win over Oxford yesterday

"Danny got a lot of stick after the incident involving Ritchie (Hawkins). He realises it was his fault but Danny is not a dirty rider and certainly didn't intend to deck Ritchie. I've told him that he's cost Workington a lot of points over the next month because of Ritchie's absence and I want him to make amends with a big performance at King's Lynn where he goes well. He accepts that and says he is going to do his very best for us with a pile of points against the Stars."
Graham Drury selects Danny Bird to guest for the Comets on Wednesday

"Our home record is actually better than last season, but the difference is that we had won nearly half of our 13 away matches this time last year whereas this year we have only had two victories on the road. We have an opportunity on Wednesday night when we travel down to Thurrock to face Arena-Essex, who are on an appalling run of defeats."
Coventry manager Peter Oakes

"After all the trauma we've had to endure, I am so very, very proud of the way the team really pulled together. They refused to throw in the towel at any stage."
Aaron Lanney on the Cheetah's narrow defeat at Eastbourne


This article was first published on 24th July 2006

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