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Soundbites: 24th April 2004

Simon Stead

"I don't know why he suggested he would score points round Sheffield. Anyone who has followed him would know he is a guaranteed non-scorer there. You have got to build yourself up mentally to do well. While publicly Gary gave the impression he would achieve something, privately he knew he had no chance of scoring. And now with each match that passes he has no chance of picking up any points. His confidence is at rock bottom."
Edinburgh boss John Campbell on Gary Phelps

"There are so few speedway riders over the years that have an aura about them, but Tony has a presence. I look across the pits and see him preparing and I observe the rest of the Poole team sensing they have a very special rider alongside them. Visiting riders are immediately aware that they are in opposition to a giant."
Neil Middleditch on Tony Rickardsson

"This is our seventh meeting and despite the very early start to the season in March this is the first meeting that has had to be called off. Had the weather cleared off and had we known there was just going to be the one storm we could have probably just got away with it."
Eric Boocock on the postponed Hull v Berwick clash

"Unfortunately there are not many options open to us at present - I may have to wait a little while before making changes if it proves necessary."
Swindon manager Alun Rossiter - thinking of changes ?

"Simon has been back to the hospital and the surgeon is pleased with the way things are knitting together. There have been no problems since the operation and it's down to time now - which he always knew it would be."
Ian Thomas on Simon Stead


This article was first published on 24th April 2004

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