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Soundbites: 21st August 2004

"If Theo continues with his shocking away performances and he maintains an average home performance, there is no possibility he will be in the team next year. I've already spoken to him about his away scores and it produced almost no improvement. Enough is enough."
John Campbell on Theo Pijper - Prior to his maximum last night!

"After having studied the books of the club for this season, I believe that it was definitely the right move for us to move up into the Elite League, having competed in the Premier League in previous years. We will be competing in the Elite League next season. We are constantly looking to build for the future and this is the way we have to go."
Ronnie Russell of Arena Essex

"There are now serious cashflow problems and the promotion cannot sustain this dead money. There is also the consideration of a health risk because of the pressure and problems caused by the weather and the level of abuse. Some people have said it's time for John Perrin to step aside and now he is prepared to do that if he receives an acceptable offer."
Terry Vernon on the crisis at Belle Vue

"I've always been interested in getting involved with the Aces but there have been work restraints on my time. I had talks with John Perrin last season about the possibility of becoming team manager but I didn't pursue it because I felt I couldn't give it my best shot. It is very sad to see the Aces with these problems and obviously the weather is the significant reason."
Aces legend Chris Morton

"I can feel for him with the problems he's having because of the weather. To be rained off twice in three days like he has been this week is horrendous and the forecast isn't good for next week."
Peter Collins feels sympathy for John Perrin

"It depends very much on what Ipswich do now. I don't think Eastbourne are going to threaten us for second place. We need to win our last three home matches, get two or three bonus points and, ideally, win one of our remaining matches. That means it wouldn't matter what anyone else did. "
Wolves boss Peter Adams on his team's play-off prospects

"I've experienced the ups and downs of the sport. I am glad I have. Had I enjoyed a good year I wouldn't have known how to lift myself out of the holes I've found myself in. I feel I am now confident enough to go out and try some different racing lines. Everything has got to be running right, and I feel now is the correct time to experiment with a few things."
Cameron Woodward of the Edinburgh Monarchs

"I've got my hunger for speedway back and the only place I wanted to return was at Newcastle, as I still live nearby and it's where I had my happiest years."
The returning Jesper Olsen

"I wasn't happy with the make-up of their team and I told Jon Cook what I thought. He didn't like it."
Colin Pratt - unhappy at Eastbourne using Tomas Topinka as a guest at Coventry on Thursday

"The injury is not a serious leg injury. Andrew has a fracture which is at the top of the shin and he is already talking about trying to be back within the month. As broken legs go, this is a simple one. There will be no problems with the recovery and there is no operation needed so that has to be a positive aspect for us."
Neil Machin with better news on Andrew Moore

"It's going to be very tough. I think the event should be held on a neutral track so no-one has home advantage. Workington have been racking up massive scores at home recently. At least we haven't drawn them in the semi-finals, which is a bonus, so hopefully we can get through to the final."
Hull's Ross Brady on tonight's fours

"I'm 14 points down in the standings, but I'm not really thinking about that. There are four meetings left, so forget about the points, I've just got to get on with it and do the best I can. I'm not that worried at the moment."
Leigh Adams on tonight's Grand Prix

"If we can keep on collecting the points, then just maybe the fat lady can start warming up her larynx. We've just got to keep doing what we're doing and let everyone else do the worrying."
Paul Thorp on the Vikings push for the title

"It was a hard decision for me to make, but I felt it would be best for both parties if there was a change. Tom has found it very difficult this season and there is no animosity between us."
King's Lynn manager Buster Chapman on the sacking of Tom Madsen

"My game has improved since I joined Stoke and I'm looking to finish the season on a high. I was a bit surprised I stayed at reserve for this month, but as long as I get the rides, the number on my back won't mean too much and I'll do whatever I can for the team cause."
Stoke's Trent Leverington

"That's not been suspended, but as with the rider suspensions, is subject to an appeal. This apparently rests on a precedent set in the Football Association's Rio Ferdinand case earlier in the summer which ruled that mandatory fines are no longer allowed in sport."
Dingle Brown on his £250 fine

"I missed out in 2002 because of my artificial average and that meant the team didn't get a chance to defend the trophy won the previous season. I hope I can do my bit to make amends tonight and we can bring the trophy back to Workington. I know the fans would be delighted if we could win it on our own track."
Kauko Nieminen - hoping for a home win in the fours


This article was first published on 21st August 2004

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