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Soundbites: 19th August 2005


"I'm not motivated by maximums anymore, money is all I care about now! That's why I went out in heat 15 and I still ended up on my backside. That will teach me for chasing pound signs."
Sam Ermolenko

"It has been good for me, but it's also been hard work. So long as I can paying the bills and keep my head above water then I am happy. But I believe I have proved myself as a Premier rider. I have doubled my average which is good in itself but a lot of it is down to the engines and, touch wood, they are going brilliantly for me."
Carl Wilkinson - Happy with his season at Berwick

"I had an agreement with Jamie after he had done so well for us in the six matches I had promised him. He was very pleased when I told him that he would be in the team for the rest of the season. Then out of the blue on Tuesday night, I had a call from Gary Havelock to tell me he was now acting as Jamie's personal manager. As far as I'm aware, the only other rider in British speedway who has a manager is Mark Loram. Gary said he wanted to discuss a new pay deal for Jamie and he faxed me his demands. They were just ridiculous and if I'd agreed he would have been earning more than Carl Stonehewer, James Wright or Kauko Nieminen. It was just crazy for him to expect that and I told him I would be sticking to the financial arrangement I already had with Jamie."
Graham Drury on Workington's negotiations with Jamie Courtney

"Danny (Bird) coming back into the team has made all the difference to us. The play-offs are probably a bit of a long shot, but we're looking to keep our improved run going and finish the season with a respectable league position. We also have the KO Cup semi-final to come, so there is still plenty to race for."
Reading manager Tim Sugar

"It's dreadful that this has happened just as I was getting points for Exeter in the Premier League as well as for Oxford in the Conference. I think I had a couple of paid nines and a paid 11 in my last three home meetings for Exeter and then something like this happens - it's not good. I would love to go to Exeter when I'm better and the fact that I didn't do six away meetings for them should mean I will still have a three-point average rather than four point something. I had a brilliant time there and I was just getting into form when I had the crash. All my gear was sorted and it was all starting to work."
Ben Barker on his leg injuries

"It was obvious we'd go through with the huge lead we'd taken at home, but the lads took nothing for granted and were very professional. I'm also pleased that we've come through some tricky conditions with seven fit riders."
Ian Thomas after Belle Vue qualified for the KO Cup final after last night's abandoned meeting at Swindon

"I feel pretty confident now that that we can qualify, although we cannot afford any slip-ups. The three latest wins after our disappointing cup exit at the hands of Reading have given us just the right sort of boost to push ahead and achieve our goal."
Islanders' manager David Croucher on the race for the Young Shield places

"The track was far from good and there were a number of refereeing decisions that went against us. On the whole though, we rode well as a team and were just two points down after heat eight and six down with a couple of races to go. Berwick have been steamrollering teams up there, but we gave a good account of ourselves and it sets up the meeting at Loomer Road on Sunday nicely."
Stoke Potters boss John Adams on their defeat at Berwick on Wednesday

"If Poole want me to stay for many years, I want to stay for many years. It took me all of 10 seconds to decide to sign for Poole for next year. I love this club and it is the only club I want to ride for in England. I normally don't sign so early but in England there was nothing to think about - Poole were the only club I wanted to race for anyway."
Antonio Lindback - Already confirmed as a Pirate for 2006

"With my hayfever and engine problems sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees, but I feel like I'm slowly getting there. I have got to go and see a specialist at the end of the season because I may need an operation to cure my nasal problem, but I have to persevere until then."
Mark Lemon of Exeter

"It pains me to say it, but at this moment, taking into account Hull Speedway's finances, unless new money is found I would be concerned whether there will be racing at Craven Park in 2006. I want speedway to continue. I'm hopeful of a positive resolution today, but if certain people don't lift their heads out of the sand they are going to be instrumental in the downfall of the Vikings."
Hull councillor Phil Webster

"We must have run over several black cats to suffer the amount of bad luck we are having with injuries recently. First Phil Morris and James Grieves, then Christian Henry and now James Birkinshaw in his first match back for us."
George English of Newcastle Diamonds

"A top-three finish is still well within our reach, but we'd be relying on both Berwick and Rye House to slip up a few times if we wanted to win the league. I believe Rye House are the strongest team in the league overall, while Berwick have very much been the surprise package."
King's Lynn team manager Rob Lyons

"Full credit to the track staff they did a great job to get the meeting back on. It was in fact riding better at the end than earlier on. But then the rain caught up with us again and the referee made the right decision. It was always going to be a tall order against Belle Vue but at least we won at home. They are a very solid side throughout and I believe they will win the league and cup this season."
Leigh Adams on Swindon's match against Belle Vue last night

"The Showground management have been superb to deal with and are understanding of our needs. I'm delighted with how successful our negotiations have been and this reflects the excellent relationship being forged between the club and the Showground."
Colin Horton of Peterborough - The Panthers will race on Thursdays next season

"Obviously I want to race Premier League long term, but you have to make it viable. If I go somewhere where I'm not scoring points then you're not going to achieve a lot really, apart from a lot of debt. I have to look forward to 2006, rather than just what's happening at the moment. I need to look to my future, that's why I've joined the Vikings."
Hull's Dan Giffard

"The best thing is to go home and regain my fitness and hopefully be back next season. Edinburgh haven't even looked at their options, but I really want to come back. I've got some great supporters and sponsors here, but it's all down to averages and what the points limit will be for next season. If Edinburgh don't want me then I'll only return to the UK if I find another team. Otherwise, I'll stay at home to make some money to get some good bikes. I don't want to be a plumber, I enjoy my speedway. I think I have proved my worth and I would like another shot. I've definitely learnt a lot and I'm wiser and that is why I came across in the first place. I set myself a target of two years to prove myself. Now it's down to who wants me - if they want me."
Cameron Woodward

"The specialist says he will only consent to Rory riding from December 1, and Rory has accepted that. He knows he is not ready. Rory is in our plans for next season and we will sit down and talk with him."
Colin Pratt on Rory Schlein

"We hit them hard early on and what impressed me was the way we kept the pressure, even when the outcome was clearly in the bag. There were some good efforts all the way down the line and I was especially pleased to see Rob Grant get five wins, Gareth Isherwood scoring a few and I thought Wayne Broadhurst did well in his first meeting of the season and got better as the night wore on."
Dave Tattum on the Stoke Spitfires huge home win over Sittingbourne


This article was first published on 19th August 2005

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