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Soundbites: 17th June 2005


"It's great to be able to say that I'm finally fit to return to the Reading team. I've been down to Smallmead a few times to watch the team, but it hasn't been easy to be a spectator as I've been itching to get back out on track myself. I've had the plaster removed from my leg and done some work on it and it feels good. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things quickly and get back to the form I had before my crash."
Danny Bird

"When we got there the Exeter track didn't look at all bad. It had been heavily watered, which was needed because they had been enjoying some great weather down there. To be fair it rode well enough, better than it has in the past, but a few things went against us and we didn't do as well as we should have done. I feel confident that if the tracks looks as good as it did on Monday when we go back for the Premier Trophy semi-final we will all perform a lot better. If we don't then we will deserve a big kick up the backsides"
Carl Stonehewer breaks the habit of a lifetime and says something positive about Exeter

"We have lost two meetings at home in the league and this meant that some action had to be taken. We are delighted to capture Stefan Ekberg who has a wealth of experience, and he hopefully will add some stability to the middle order, which has been very suspect for us this season so far. It was a difficult decision to part company with James Birkinshaw who is a smashing guy and we genuinely wish him all the best. If an opportunity were to arise to bring him back in then we would consider it, but we have to make changes for the benefit of the team and the club. We will also be announcing another signing on Sunday which is one that we think will really excite the Glasgow fans."
Glasgow promoter Alan Dick on the surprise capture of Stefan Ekberg

"I think Pavel's just suffering from a lack of confidence at the moment. He was unlucky to break down during his first race on Monday, but he's getting a bit upset with himself because he knows he can do better. It could be to do with being moved to number two, but every rider goes through a stage like that. But there's no pressure on him here and hopefully he'll soon be able to bang in a few more points. We will stand by him and I'm sure he will come out a far better rider for it."
Graeme Gordon on Pavel Ondrasik

"As a team we win, lose or draw. Our reserves picked up six points between them tonight as opposed to the 11 they got against Sheffield. None of our boys had a particularly good meeting this evening and Workington aren't top of the league for nothing. The only comfort I can salvage from the meeting is that we didn't get beaten. It was, after all, a draw and we have every chance of going just as well when we visit the Comets on their home track. Our riders are well aware that we are going to have to pull our socks up if we are going to win anything this season and it has been made clear that if further team changes become necessary, that's what we will do."
Isle of Wight manager David Croucher after a home draw on Tuesday

"Edward was fantastic against Australia tonight, there is just no other word to describe his performance. To get nine paid 10 in his first full international is just great. For a youngster of his age to come in against a very good Australian side and do that was a really great effort."
Neil Middleditch pays tribute to Eddie Kennett after his international debut

"We have got a good team and it was only a matter of time before someone got hit really hard by us. It was just a case of everything coming right for our boys on the night. Cameron (Woodward) was tremendous, it was difficult to keep him away from the front. After every success he just became more and more confident."
John Campbell on Edinburgh's win at Hull

"The defeat was extremely critical, we needed to win. We've ridden a few more meetings than other teams, we're going to have to get our finger out. I think we need the screws off the coffin, but we have to be up for it, it's no point being up half way through the meeting, we have to be up from heat one."
Garry Stead after Hull's defeat from Edinburgh

"Unfortunately, people want success straightaway. We did say it wasn't going to happen immediately and maybe now, in the second half of the season, we might start to come through."
Alun Rossiter defends his Swindon team

"There are no hard feelings from me towards Peterborough. I half-expected the call from Trevor Swales and wasn't surprised when it came. Luckily for me Coventry were keen to take me back there and I ended up being dropped by Peterborough and signed by them in the space of a couple of hours. I've not come out of the situation too badly and Peterborough have a great rider in Lukas Dryml, so I guess all's well that ends well."
Billy Janniro on his return to Peterborough in the colours of Coventry

"We've looked at bringing in big-guns like Rickardsson, Gollob and Rune Holta, we've tried to address replacing Joonas Kylmakorpi and we've even looked at a reserve, but we haven't been able to get anywhere. We thought we had done a deal with Jedrzejak who then backed out and we have been refused permission to speak to other riders like Walasek and Adam Skornicki. Some people may think it is pie in the sky attempting to get people of Rickardsson's class, but if riders are out there and available we have to make the call to see whether they are interested."
Trevor Swales on his efforts to boost the Peterborough side

"I was completely exhausted after last Saturday's Grand Prix in Cardiff. Normally a GP meeting is tough when you are in good shape, but I was completely exhausted afterwards. I am doing too much and I have not been enjoying my racing. I need to get back to enjoying it again, and I need to cut back on my meetings. I have told Coventry I will ride until the end of the month."
Andreas Jonsson quits Coventry

"I am confident we have the riders who can take full advantage of the wider track. Coming out of the third and fourth bends, the riders will be able to take a wider, faster, line, which will make for exciting racing. I haven't been down to the track yet to have a look at it, but I'll get there early tomorrow and take a good look."
Kenny Smith on the reshaped track at Scunthorpe

"It was an eventful match. A lot of credit must go to both sets of riders for putting on a show on a damp circuit. Tony Atkin started like an express train and we definitely lost our secret weapon when he crashed. It was terrifying but he battled back, took extra rides although he wasn't the same threat. I'm reasonably happy with the bonus point but we could've had more. We certainly played our part in an excellent match though."
Newport manager Neil Street on their defeat at Glasgow on Thursday

"This is very exciting news for everyone connected with the club and we expect to conclude the deal on Monday. We have decided to pass on some of the benefits immediately to our supporters as we have a league match against Edinburgh at Brough Park on Monday. For a few years now, our `Kids for a Quid' school summer holiday scheme has proved very popular so, thanks to the new sponsorship, we are bringing it on next Monday."
George English of Newcastle - A new sponsorship deal is in the pipeline


This article was first published on 17th June 2005

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