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Soundbites: 17th April 2006


"We had a really good crowd in here tonight, despite the cold and indifferent weather, and I think they did Ashley proud. The riders also played their part by putting on a great show, with some fantastic entertainment."
Buster Chapman on the Ashley Jones Memorial meeting

"It was a very traumatic day. We have learned things we need to do - especially in terms of spectator comfort. But we were overwhelmed by the size of the crowd and many of them went home happy. One or two didn't but we will take their comments on board. It is how you cope with such problems that you are judged on."
Chris van Straaten on the opener at Redcar

"I look forward to every season, but there is something special about this one. Last year was brilliant for me here - and this time I've got my eye on a big trophy or two. We have got a good little squad here at Normanby Road. We're going for everything that we can get hold of this season."
Scunthorpe boss Kenny Smith

"It all went wrong towards the end as it has in several of our matches this season. I am not going to name riders but I was disappointed with a couple of the riders' attitude. The conditions were not easy but they could have adapted better, after all they are professional speedway riders."
Swindon boss Alun Rossiter after their home cup defeat from Reading

"We were all quite nervous ahead of our first meeting - Sheffield had already ridden eight matches, which was always going to be in their favour, so what we need to do now is relax and have some fun. Sometimes you can do better if you do that."
Redcar skipper Gary Havelock

"I have experienced the highs and lows of this game all in one day. The thing that has upset me most was the attitude of Rickardsson who came into the pits slagging off his team mates. I am glad to see the back of him. I will never go down that route again with someone like him."
Aaron Lanney on Tony Rickardsson after the Cheetahs were hammered at Reading on Friday night

"I don't remember too much about the crash. I couldn't get off the bike and the next thing I was flying through the air. I am pretty sore."
Paul Thorp after going over the fence at Armdale

"He must have breathed in because there was hardly any room at all. Fair play to the lad though, it took ability and bottle because it was just about the only option I'd left."
Alan Mogridge on Gary Havelock's dramatic last lap pass on him

"James has asked me to go with him to every round this time and I'll be delighted to do it. He's a great prospect and I just told him to let me have the dates."
Peter Collins will assist James Wright in this year's World Under 21 championship

"I have lost a lot of respect for the Glasgow promoters as a result of what they tried to do two hours before the match when they have known since Thursday of our intention to use Derek in place of the suspended Jamie Robertson. Glasgow claimed Sneddon was ineligible because he had a higher average than Jamie but, under new rules regarding reserve riders this year, averages don't count, and as Derek and Jamie are both on the A-list we were within our rights to bring him in."
George English

"I don't think it was the right decision to call it off. I think an important meeting taking place in Slovenia later this week is probably one of the reasons this has been called off. We had time to hold fire. Fair enough, it was a two-and-a-half hour show for Sky Sports, but my main priority was to get the meeting on for the public here in the stadium."
Matt Ford on the ELRC

"Morris can put some weight on his foot, which he couldn't when he was injured, but we'll have to wait for the result of the second X-ray before naming the team."
Ian Thomas on Phil Morris' injury. The Aces take on Swindon on Wednesday.


This article was first published on 17th April 2006

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