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Soundbites: 14th August 2004


"It was really satisfying to register such a big victory and we will go to Wolverhampton with a live chance of picking up the bonus point. But it really shouldn't have taken this long for us to show this kind of form."
Lee Richardson on Peterborough's win over Wolves on Wednesday

"We've got a substantial lead of 19 points at the top of the table which is obviously very nice to have, but like anything, the league title race is not over until the fat lady sings. We're in front which is good, but we've still got a job to do. We must win at Craven Park and do what we can away from home."
Garry Stead of the Hull Vikings

"Everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong. Being without Corey (Blackman) and David (Mason) made the task impossible and things just went from bad to worse after that."
Weymouth boss Brian White on last night's home defeat from Mildenhall

"We have tried several options in an attempt to sign a replacement for the time Danny will be out, but as yet we have had no luck. It is very difficult at this time in the season when everyone has prior commitments."
Reading promoter Pat Bliss on the problems in replacing Danny Bird

"Anything like that is difficult. Ian had been a tremendous servant for a number of years and nobody wanted to do what had to be done. Ian made a tactical blunder against Berwick which cost us victory as a consequence. The club is bigger than anybody, and anybody who blunders would be asked to leave."
Glasgow promoter Alan Dick - on the recent sacking of manager Ian Steel

"We can take far more pride from this scoreline compared to some of the away thrashings we've suffered lately."
Newcastle promoter George English on last night's defeat at Somerset

"Every match away from home is difficult and the options for doing well away from home are running out fast. It is unlikely we will make the Young Shield play-offs, we would need to win probably more than two away matches for that to happen."
Edinburgh boss John Campbell

"Clubs will not be falling over themselves to take on Hans in the Elite League. This is his last chance and he is lucky that Chris Louis and Scott Nicholls have both backed him this week. They are respected riders and they should not have to bow to Hans. It is Hans who should do any apologising."
Jon Cook on Hans Andersen

"We are in for a busy spell, with the meetings coming thick and fast. However, it will provide experience for the youngsters and give them a sample of what life will be like as they continue to progress up the speedway ladder."
Martin Satchell - Manager of the Swindon Sprockets

"It would be nice to think that I can come back in March fitter and stronger than ever. I want to ride speedway for a few more years yet and that has to be my main aim. People keep telling me I'm not getting any younger which annoys me a bit, but I suppose it's true, so I have to get it right with an injury like this."
Sean Wilson

"It's always difficult for any speedway team to cope with the absence of one of their very top riders. We're just very pleased indeed to have him back and now we can concentrate on climbing further up the league table and qualifying for the end-of-season play-offs."
IOW Boss Martin Newnham on the return of Seb Tresarrieu

"We beat Workington up there last season and I can see no reason why we can't do it again. It's a fast track and will suit our style of riding."
Buster Chapman confident ahead of tonight's trip to Workington

"I would love to take Hull into the Elite League, it's my dream, but previous attempts to do so have ended in failure. I have no intention of losing thousands of pounds. To move up with our current crowd and revenue levels would be suicide. It's too much too soon for me, I'm in my first year of ownership and there's a lot more to learn yet."
Hull promoter Paul Hooder looks to the future

"Right now, Mr Andersen is right up there in my estimation with the man who stole my testimonial money at Poole Speedway 20 years ago!"
Neil Middleditch

"It all depends on the day, but we have a top four that is going very well and are more than capable of seeing the job through. Having finished second in the Premier League Best Pairs a few weeks back, it would be nice to go one better in this competition."
Stoke promoter Dave Tattum looks forward to next weekend's fours


This article was first published on 14th August 2004

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