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Soundbites: 11th September 2004


"We're gutted to have lost David. Those that were there and saw the crash happen have all been left shell-shocked by it. It's amazing that his injuries are nowhere near as bad as they could have been. We've chased a play-off spot all season and David's been a huge part of that. It's ironic that on the night we finally clinch a play-off place, David's involved in this big crash."
Jon Cook on David Norris

"It's a hectic time for the riders as they make up for all the rained-off meetings we have suffered. But there are many permutations of what can happen over the final matches of the season so we'll have to keep doing our best."
John Perrin of Belle Vue

"To think that Sam is going to retire at the end of the season looks a bit ridiculous after a performance like that, but the decision is made. Now the weather is a bit colder and the tracks are a bit smoother he is really coming into his own."
Peter Adams pays tribute to 'Sudden Sam' after his fourteen point haul at Coventry on Thursday

"I didn't know what to do because after two more heats I was going to be out again racing. The engine was hot and I wanted to prepare my bike for my next race. Neil Middleditch stopped me as I was returning to the pits and said `go out and do a victory lap because that's what the fans want' and I did it."
Matt Ferjan on beating Jason Crump on Wednesday

"Staechmann even visited the referee's box to suggest the fog was so bad he couldn't see the first bend from the start. When the referee visited the pits to discuss the matter he could see Inverness from there, so it must be old age catching up with Jan's eyesight. "
Edinburgh promoter John Campbell on Friday's hammering of the Stoke Potters

"We really could have done with winning at Newcastle, but we suffered a large slice of misfortune up there and it wasn't to be. I think the only way we might qualify now is if some tracks don't complete their programmes by the cut-off date on September 19. But I would much rather make it fair and square."
Exeter team manager David Short on their play-off hopes

"Peter had decided to stay out of the sport this season to concentrate on his business interests. But when he heard that we were short of riders he confirmed he would ride for us for the rest of this season and, hopefully, in 2005 if the off-track problems are sorted out."
Dingle Brown welcomes Peter Collyer back to Wimbledon

"We can only wonder how points lost at the final hurdle this week might cost us. All we can do is battle until the very last match. The damage was done at Oxford, and tonight we needed everyone at their best - and not everyone was. We had a good crowd, a very entertaining match but not quite the result we wanted and needed."
Swindon manager Alun Rossiter after missing out on the bonus against Oxford on Thursday

"No-one was really tipping us to do particularly well, but I knew from the beginning of the season that the title was on the cards from the word go. It's been good all year, the title has not been won overnight, it's been won from the outset."
Hull's Garry Stead

"Perhaps I must be bringing a bit of luck with me. I don't know if it's just luck, but I think I've chosen the right team at the right time. But it's not just down to me only, it's about seven riders. Everyone has to do well. This season we have all heightened our averages and that's what you have to do if you are going to win a league title."
Magnus Karlsson reflects on his back-to-back Premier League wins

"We have hardly put a foot wrong this year. It has been a tremendous season so far but there is still some way to go before we can claim any of those titles. Some teams have several meetings in hand but, if we continue this form, there is nothing anyone else can do."
Mildenhall Fen Tigers promoter Denise Drury

"That was a phenomenal achievement by Workington and shows we're really going to have our work cut out."
Glasgow boss Alan Dick pays tribute to the Comets shock win at Sheffield

"The crowd was awful on Wednesday, I think due to the number of home meetings we've had lately, and I'm looking for fans now to back us to get through to the play-offs."
King's Lynn promoter Keith Chapman

"We've seen some belting racing. Jack Hargreaves is coming on in leaps and bounds and the team as a whole can only learn from facing the top clubs. We're always going to hit highs and lows because of the inexperience we have in the team. But the important thing is the lads learn from such meetings."
Stoke Spitfires boss Nigel Crabtree on the home defeat by Mildenhall


This article was first published on 11th September 2004

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