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Soundbites: 9th October 2004


"My solicitor feels there is a genuine case of a company taking away a long-standing trading day so there is a possibility there, or we could possibly have a substantial rent reduction."
Nigel Wagstaff on Oxford's future

"Winning it at last has given me a lot of drive to do it again. I believe I can do that if I do things right, like I have this year, and build on what I have done this season. I know that my riding at Grand Prix level has improved out of sight since I first rode in it nearly 10 years ago. I have also learned the hard way how to control pressure and disappointment and that has helped to make me a better rider."
Jason Crump

"I will have to put together the best side I can but I don't know who will be in it. I simply cannot justify the expense of flying our own riders back into the country for one meaningless meeting and Ales has already sold his bikes as he prepares for next season. That leaves us with 'Havvy' and Ricky Ashworth because Lee Richardson is already committed to an engagement abroad and even Ricky might be required by Sheffield in the Premier League."
Peterborough boss Trevor Swales on next Monday's clash with Belle Vue

"Celebrating 50 years since speedway first took place in the town was one of the club's major priorities this season. So far we've been scuppered by the weather and unavailabilities but hopefully the meeting will go ahead."
Brian White on today's meeting at Weymouth

"We are capable of beating Poole, and we can win it. Our supporters have been fantastic this season and it will give us an extra incentive to win a trophy in front of them in two weeks time. We felt that if we had edged beyond Wolves in the play-offs we would have beaten Poole in the final. Now we have a chance to prove it."
Chris Louis looks forward to the KO Cup Final

"It was good to finish on a winning note tonight and beat Poole, although we have gone out of the cup. I was bitterly disappointed with the showing at Poole in the first leg of the semi-final and just hoped we would bounce back. Obviously it also affected the crowd but at least we won and everyone was happy. It has been a difficult season but we will be trying to get it right next year."
Alun Rossiter

"We've beaten them once on aggregate this season already so we should be able to do it again. I'm just as confident as I was the last time we faced them, but I do know they are riding well at the moment. The other thing is they have been the best team we've faced at Craven Park all season, but we are league champions."
Magnus Karlsson looks forward to facing the Islanders in the KO Cup Final

"My hand is a bit sore but it held up okay throughout the meeting. I have ridden with broken bones before. You just have to get on and do the job, try not to think about it. My hand stiffened up after my second race so I took the final race off and let the other boys do it. I didn't even have to strap my hand up because there is nothing you can do like that anyway to help. It was all okay. It was just a matter of the soreness, but I am all right."
Ryan Sullivan on his comeback on Wednesday

"They say it's never over until the fat lady sings, and she was certainly singing tonight at one stage. But the lads never gave up, and that's why sport is so fascinating. Even when things aren't going your way, a few minutes can turn things your way. To have made the KO Cup final is wonderful for our fans and our riders. It was magic."
Eric Boocock - delighted after the Vikings cup win over Exeter

"It's not all about winning up there, it's more about containing them within our 11 point lead. We lost by 18 up there in the league earlier in the season, but everyone had a bad night that time. I would have liked another three or four point lead, but if we can all pull together I think we can do it. I'll use all three tactical rides up there if I have to, even if it means starting 15 metres back in the last one to get an extra point."
Buster Chapman on tonight's Young Shield clash at Workington

"It now looks as if the very last day of the season, October 31, will be the date of our visit to Newport. Both myself and Tim Stone, the Newport boss, tried our best to get the match on this Sunday. We put a case forward to the effect we would both be without one of our top men and we could use rider replacement in their absence. Unfortunately, the powers-that-be turned down our request, so we have to abide by their decision."
Newcastle Gems boss Kenny Smith - having to work around the Bronze Helmet at Mildenhall


This article was first published on 9th October 2004

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