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Soundbites: 9th July 2004

"Are we a speedway team trying to win, or are we going to cheat? We have received a mandate from the Speedway Control Board saying that if, in a referee's opinion, there's anything funny going on, he has the right to fine the team managers, exclude riders or abandon the meeting. We are out there to win the meeting."
Oxford boss Nigel Wagstaff defends his decision not to 'throw' points at Poole on Wednesday. The Silver Machine lost out by a single point.

"Glasgow are a good team, there's no doubt about that. But we gave a good account of ourselves up their in the cup match, then beat them comfortably down here in the second leg. Also we beat them again at Smallmead in the league match a few weeks later, so we're confident we can come through this semi-final with the right result and go onto face Exeter in the final in August."
Reading skipper Phil Morris on the Premier Trophy Semi-Final

"The bad weather has hit our last three home matches because of heavy showers each afternoon. And when the team isn't doing brilliantly well either, if rain is falling at 6pm in Edinburgh or elsewhere, you are less likely to turn out. Speedway in general has a problem at the moment, we desperately need some sunshine."
Edinburgh boss John Campbell

"The shale was so deep it would have lasted for three meetings. Lukas just put his foot down as he entered a bend and slumped to the ground and Lee did the same thing but managed to keep going. I'm not going to harp on about the track but even the home riders weren't happy with it. Last time we came to Coventry we lost two riders with injuries, this time it was three."
Peterborough manager Trevor Swales on the heavy defeat at Coventry on Thursday

"We've hit a good run of form in recent weeks and it's great that we're making the Wessex Stadium such a hard place for teams to visit. I think it's down to the fact that we're all riding well as a team and when one of us has a bad race, there's someone else waiting to put things right."
Chris Ferguson of Weymouth

"We could have someone in within a couple of weeks. We have spoken to countless riders over the past month or so but the biggest handicap has been our Thursday race-night. If everything goes according to plan -and, in speedway, these things have a habit of going unexpectedly wrong - we should have a new signing in place in time for Wolverhampton's visit on July 22. The rider himself has agreed personal terms and is desperate to get across as soon as he can."
Coventry manager Peter Oakes on a prospective new signing

"We are delighted he is in business and hopefully he will go on and be good enough between now and the end of the season to hold down a Premier League place next season."
Newport boss Neil Street on the decision to allow Karlis Ezergailis to race in the Conference league

"I had always pencilled in this date as a comeback. At one time it seemed a bit optimistic because the ankle would swell up if I used it much. Once they took the screw out there was a real improvement, though both Alun Rossiter and I agreed it would be foolish to try to come back too soon. "
Charlie Gjedde on his comeback at Swindon on Thursday - Unfortunately the weather intervened

"Simon (Stead) caused both crashes, but there was nothing deliberate at all. He was trying too hard, that's all it was. It was sheer will to win, and unfortunately he took two people out. He could have settled for a drawn meeting, but you try telling a rider that."
Eric Boocock on Hull v Workington Wednesday

"I know my form has been a bit erratic, but my effort is always total and I think there's more to come over the second part of the season."
Paul Clews of Stoke Potters

"I thought if we came through the Glasgow match with a good result then I think the boys will have the confidence to beat these too, but to be honest it really doesn't get much harder than this. So we will need all our fans to really get behind the team and show their support."
Buster Chapman on King's Lynn v Hull

"I am delighted with a seven-point margin of defeat. I am sure we will collect the bonus point again when the teams meet again on August 11. And this will be enough to keep us on track for a top two finish."
Matt Ford after Poole's defeat at Ipswich on Thursday

"I really am sick to death of the Thursday night weather this year. It's so frustrating because until about 6pm we were on - and then the rain returned with a vengeance."
Alun Rossiter


This article was first published on 9th July 2004

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