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Soundbites: 4th September 2004

James Grieves

"James is still suffering from headaches and he has injuries to his back, neck and elbows. We've given him every chance but there is no way he's fit to ride and it's a massive blow to us. We need four points from this weekend's three matches, and we need to beat Wokington Comets at home on the 12th, to have any chance of making the play-offs."
Glasgow promoter Alan Dick on the injured James Grieves

"I don't think too many people would have expected us to gain the victory in the manner with such little fuss. It was another good meeting in front of the Sky cameras and I'm sure that people watching around the country will have been impressed with our performance, particularly our two reserves who could prove key personnel for us in the next month as we try and accomplish the play-off place and reach the final of the knockout cup."
Arena boss Ronnie Russell on Wednesday's win over Oxford

"I haven't given racing much thought because my whole body has been aching from food poisoning. However, on the bright side, my shoulder does appear to be getting better and I expect to be back riding again. When I rode at Somerset I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to cope at Sheffield the next day. But I couldn't really pull out having done reasonably well at Somerset."
Peter Carr

"Obviously the emphasis is now on next season and we need to have a look at as many potential reserves as possible. Adrian Rymel rode pretty well for us at Ipswich last week and we have seen what he is about in a few guest appearances this season. Now it is Adam Pietraszko's chance to prove how good he is. He certainly has the speed which is the big factor around the Showground but the suspicion is he isn't quite as comfortable on the smaller tracks."
Peterborough team manager Trevor Swales

"Actually, I'm quite amiable, although some reckon I'm a real bastard, but I'm not bothered what people think. When I'm out trials biking, I'm the life and soul of the party. But when I'm running the job, I'm from an old-fashioned background. If a job's worth doing it's worth doing well or not at all. I don't suffer fools gladly."
Title winning boss Eric Boocock

"To say I was surprised is putting it mildly, and it was a marvellous gesture by these people. After the criticism I get from some quarters it's great to see that not everyone thinks I'm bad, and that my efforts are appreciated in some parts."
John Perrin after receiving cheques from Oxford and Coventry fans to help the Aces

"I just can't wait for tonight. I'm really looking forward to it, I am grateful to Reading for giving me my chance. I'll be doing my best to score a few points."
Jamie Westacott on his promotion into the Reading side

"The results certainly went our way over the Bank Holiday weekend, as we beat Glasgow while Newport lost at home to Sheffield. It means two home victories for us should be enough to avoid any woodwork and Glasgow could also do us a favour on their trip to Newport this Sunday."
Newcastle boss George English - Hoping to avoid the wooden spoon

"Friday's crowd for the visit of Workington was okay, although I had expected better. Despite our dreadful away performances, we are still very good at home - yet we don't get the crowds we deserve in my opinion. I honestly wouldn't know how closely the majority of our own public follows what goes on. I think the majority who attend on a Friday simply want to be entertained on that day. If we are beaten at Sheffield - as we were last week - the night before, it doesn't affect their entertainment. A large number of people are only concerned about what goes on on a Friday night."
Edinburgh promoter John Campbell

"There's no getting away from it - it's going to be an uphill struggle to reach the play-offs now. It's never over until the fat lady sings, but I really thought we would get the right result at Coventry on Monday night. It wasn't to be, and we're now really looking for another away win from somewhere."
Leigh Adams of Swindon

"I was gobsmacked when I read the Elite League were interested. I've had no approach whatsoever on the matter. I'd be happy to talk to them, although I can't see us moving up next season. To be frank, there's more chance of us running a second team in the Conference Trophy next year than an EL side."
Paul Hodder of Hull

"To lose a chance of the bonus point was frustrating. I never expected to be anywhere near it, but to get that close and not get it was annoying. You might as well miss by a mile than an inch."
Buster Chapman on King's Lynn's home win over Rye House on Wednesday

"We have won the league and now we must win the play-offs. We are also in the Knockout Cup semi-finals, so it has not been a bad year for the Pirates crew so far. There is a small reward for finishing top of the Elite League, a five-figure sum the amount of which I cannot disclose. We are really looking forward to receiving that but now the serious business comes when the title play-offs start."
Matt Ford the Poole promoter

"It was a terrific meeting full of good racing from two very committed teams. Oxford came here expecting to win and started off like a train. For them to go eight points up by the halfway stage and still lose is a testament to how hard our lads rode over the second part of the meeting."
Dave Tattum on the Stoke Spitfires conference meeting on Wednesday

"His accident was so serious, that the meeting was delayed to enable him to be airlifted to hospital. Burrows will be out of racing for at least a month and that leaves me with major team problems."
Wimbledon manager Dingle Brown

"I knew it would be harder than the league match but I thought we would have run them a lot closer than we did. We're not out of it but 18 points will be hard to peg back and we need everyone firing on all cylinders in the return."
Carl Stonehewer on the Comets cup defeat on the Island on Thursday

"Oxford are the only team capable of stopping us winning the league and they will be a formidable hurdle over two legs. I rate them very highly and I believe the meeting will be one of the most fiercely-contested to be held at West Row this season. Oxford have put forward their strongest team and we have countered with what I feel is one that is as good, if not better."
Mildenhall boss Graham Drury on the home clash tomorrow


This article was first published on 4th September 2004

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