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Soundbites: 3rd June 2005


"We put a new engine in tonight, which is something we have been struggling with and it was really good. It's been a tough time for me in the last month or so, in the Grand Prix as well, but it was nice to come here tonight and get a good meeting in. Obviously we needed that as well so I'm pleased. It's been a tough start, but hopefully I've turned the corner now and things will get better."
Lee Richardson after his 15 point max for Swindon on Thursday

"Any rain-off is always disappointing and this one means we will be setting a target on Sunday. Our biggest home win last year - when we were really struggling - was against the Stars, 57-39, so I will be looking for a lead of at least 20 points."
George English after the first leg of their cup clash with King's Lynn was called off.

"I definitely want Elite League next next year but I don't have a preference to where at the moment."
Matej Zagar

"Basically when people walk into the stadium, they think it all happens by chance. But to get to that point takes a tremendous amount of work. The track preparation, the programmes, what the track shop sells, the riders' availability, the wages and contracts - you play a small part in every single one of those things. David at times last year acted as team manager, but he didn't really feel he was a motivator. He's a very quiet man but very trustworthy and he's doing a good job of steadying the ship as promoter."
Matt Ford pays tribute to Exeter promoter David Short

"I'm disappointed with the way the crash happened, particularly when you look at who the other person was. There was no need for it and I have now lost all respect for a man I have looked up to in the past. Sam has known me since I was 14 and I have always respected him - until now."
David Howe - Unhappy with Sam Ermolenko after their crash at Peterborough

"We were leading all the way through the meeting and everyone in the team wanted to win. But we got the bonus and one more point than we expected so, perhaps, we should still be happy with that. It means we have the points in the bag and that Belle Vue still have to work for them. It puts us in good spirits for our trip to Eastbourne. If everyone is geared up for it, hopefully we can do well there as well."
Bjarne Pedersen on Poole's draw at Swindon

"I spoke to our track man early on and it was wet then and by 1pm the track had puddles all over it. The weather forecast was poor, so I guess the damage was really done by lunch time. We had to hedge our bets and call it off. We've got no gate money this week and we also had the meeting sponsored. Some of Glasgow's riders had already set off for Hull, so we've got travel costs to cover as well. You never really recover the revenue, but it was better than getting everyone to Craven Park and calling it off late on."
Hull promoter David Peet on their midweek postponement

"I am so happy to be here at King's Lynn, the management and fans have made me feel so welcome since day one and to now be able to call this place my home is just fantastic. I'm sure this will give me a little extra to fight for when I'm out on track and I hope to repay Buster's confidence in me over the coming years."
New King's Lynn asset Ashley Jones

"I'm really pleased to put my average up by almost a point, but it was on course to increase by one-and-a-half until I had a few problems in the last couple of meetings. I had hoped to go up into the team because I always want to go on and better myself, but I will make that my aim again and try to make sure it happens next month. In the meantime I hope I can carry on having plenty of rides and keep things ticking over at reserve."
Henning Bager of Peterborough

"It's worth remembering that Oxford were 30-24 up at the time and, as a result of both their riders falling, we gained a 5-0 heat success which helped us win the match. Referee Barry Richardson came down to inspect the track after the falls and he didn't feel there was anything wrong with. He said he'd seen much, much worse and just told the riders to get on with it. You only had to watch Lewis Bridger in the re-run of heat 10. He's 15 years old and in his first season riding in the Conference and yet he seemed to get round the third and fourth bends at speed OK, so perhaps some of it was in the riders' heads."
Weymouth boss Brian White defends his circuit

"I knew I would be moving up into the team, I am not unduly bothered - however it does mean I need to get the decisions about my machinery correct before my first race. I need to score the points to keep me in the team proper."
Edinburgh's William Lawson

"Our understanding was this would apply to them all season. Now it seems there has been a change of mind - Boston have been told to upgrade Scott Lambert to a team place. But they can only replace him with another two-points rider. I think we will be similarly affected. Danny Betson is a wonderful lad, but his promotion means I have to leave out one of the current team riders. In the old days, he would have gone down to a reserve berth, but as the rules now stand because team riders are all rated above two-points, dropped team men go on the sidelines."
Dingle Brown on the grading system

"Without doubt, if there had not been a problem with Adam Roynon I would still be at Mildenhall. I told Mick during heat nine of Sunday's race I would be resigning. I'm now going back to enjoy my speedway, instead of getting hassle all the time from various people."
Wayne Swales - Who has quit as manager of Mildenhall

"They are a solid side and include Ross Brady as well as Rusty Harrison, so we know we are in for a tough meeting. To be honest, our own thoughts are on picking up the bonus point ourselves. We lost by 10 points at their place on April 22, which was one of our best efforts around Armadale. There is no reason why we can't turn that around providing everyone does their bit. It's one of those meetings where something has to give and we certainly don't want to lose in front of our own supporters."
Stoke boss Dave Tattum welcomes Edinburgh on Sunday


This article was first published on 3rd June 2005

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