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Soundbites: 2nd April 2005


"It is very upsetting. You get yourself ready for the season and then something stupid happens. I have had my fair share of injuries as they come with the sport but when accidents happen that are not your own fault, it makes it a lot more frustrating."
The unlucky Danny Bird

"I was in front, but I think I left enough room and time for him to ride safely, then his bike hit my silencer, I think, by looking at the marks on it. But this may be wrong. If somebody has a video of the race I will know for sure."
Jason Bunyan's take on his clash with Bird

"Everyone is doing their jobs really well at the moment and I think we can get into the play-offs providing we can keep free of injuries. Injuries can really harm a season as Oxford have seen with Billy Hamill already, but I hope we can carry on our good start and stay close to the top of the table."
Ales Dryml of Peterborough

"We have the nucleus of a very good team. I'm especially pleased to see Scott James in our squad - I rode with him at Mildenhall. He's a fast gater and will score a lot of points. Our chances of doing well are excellent, and the reserve berths with Andrew Bargh and Danny Betson look especially competitive."
Matthew Wright - optimistic about the season ahead for Wimbledon

"I don't just want Belle Vue to be the highest-profile speedway club in the country, I want us to be special. There are things I want to improve on the whole set-up as well as the presentation but we are on the right lines. The team spirit isn't just good, it's brilliant and that's so important. And Jason Crump is such an excellent leader as well as being a superb rider.
Belle Vue promoter Ian Thomas

"We weren't anything like at our best, but if you go back as far as 1996 Wolves lost a couple of early home matches and finished the year winning the double. It's a bit too early to get down about it."
Wolverhampton skipper Steve Johnson

"I told Tony he would have six meetings to show me what he could do and those half dozen matches will be up after we've ridden against Newcastle. It has to be said, though, that Tony hasn't set the world alight or done the business for us yet although he did have a handy five and two bonus points against Edinburgh."
Graham Drury explains why Tony Dart has been rested from the Comets side

"I feel as if I have knocked ten years off my age, I am so enthusiastic. I have put my heart and soul into things since moving from Exeter, but it's not all been going my way - but when it does, then look out!"
Michael Coles of Newport Wasps

"Berwick won't be easy, but none of them are these days. But our team spirit is good and I'm sure we will come out of the meeting with the two points."
Alan Mogridge looks forward to tonight's Stoke v Berwick clash

"I finished third in the Grand Prix series in 2003 and second last year. Now it is time to be first again."
Tony Rickardsson

"I know it is probably swings and roundabouts, but we have changed things around in the hope that the team will benefit. You can strengthen one heat, but you lose out somewhere else. Things haven't worked out so far for us this season, but it is early days to say what the best partnerships are likely to be."
Colin Pratt - still not sure how his Coventry side should line up

"I was very low last week and went back home to make changes. Brian Karger has helped me out and everything went really well - it was great to score a maximum and hopefully there is more top come."
Charlie Gjedde on his full house for Swindon on Thursday

"A win is a win. It proved harder than many people thought, but we had a bit of bad luck and Edinburgh are a good team. We can't be disappointed. Someone, somewhere will get that bad luck and the more experienced riders have to pull the team out of the mire."
Paul Thorp - Happy enough on Wednesday night

"I think it might just be bruising because when I put my bike down on the track I still caught my foot on his machine after he fell in front of me. I could see he was in trouble before the crash because he was all over the place and when he locked-up he couldn't stay on the bike. I did my best to avoid contact."
Kauko Nieminen on his crash with James Cockle

"We were so close that when Troy went down there was always going to be contact. I feel so sorry for him."
Kevin Doolan on his involvement in Troy Batchelor's injury

"It is too early to say whether I would be able to ride for Poole in the Elite League again. I am enjoying myself with Somerset and it is with them that I have a job to do at the moment. I've only ridden five meetings in the Premier League and I'm really looking forward to riding more for them. Last year I had a bit of a hard time when I thought I might pack up and go home at one stage. So thinking about the Elite League is not something I can do at the moment."
Magnus Zetterstrom


This article was first published on 2nd April 2005

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