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The VSRA Speedway Museum - Progress Update....by Alan Hodkinson....23/04/2005

Of the first nineteen donations from VSRA members where the amount pledged totalled £1990 actual sum received was £3280. A very encouraging start to our fund raising venture. We are in process of writing to all VSRA members who made pledges yet to be forwarded, followed by letters requesting donations to all members who did not pledge.

All tracks Promoters have been asked to consider taking a collection amongst their supporters for the museum fund, and the response has been good. Mr. A. E. Mole has been an inspiration indeed. BSPA office too have been very helpful and interested in our progress.

We are setting up a stall at the London City Airport open day in conjunction with Terry Stone and the Men in Black road show. There we will be seeking donors to the fund and taking the opportunity to talk to visitors about their local Speedway tracks. This is a fun day arranged by the airport as a gesture to the local populace. An annual event, it has had Spitfire, Corsair, among the warbirds doing their displays plus quite the most skilful aerobatic aircraft performances one could hope to see over East London. An array of attractions and food stalls with fairground rides for the kids and all for free admission. Attendants with buckets will accept donations to the local children,s hospice. Starts 12 noon, Saturday July 16th.

Saturday and Sunday 21st and 22nd May sees our fund raising activities at the British Motorcycle Federation meet at Peterborough Showground. Again with the Men in Black and again talking up speedway racing to all and sundry. Any speedway or ex speedway personnel we come across will be introduced to a VSRA application form.

VSRA Patron Lord Montagu has given us the offer of a free stand at Beaulieu for the fantastic Motorcycle World meeting. This is a two day meet Saturday and Sunday 18th and 19th June. Again with the Men in Black and accompanied by Dave Russell who is making all equipment we require to present our project at his own cost as a donation to the fund.

Speedway promoters and managers of tracks near to any of these venues may wish to let me have any advertising material they consider suitable for the purpose of promoting their track and speedway in general. If possible we would appreciate it if a couple of complimentary tickets could be provided for us to raffle towards the museum fund.

Once we have raised as much money as possible from this great Speedway Family we can then go to businesses with evidence of our intent. Then they will know we are SERIOUS. These sponsors, as opposed to donors, will be entertained at the proposed site of our museum at Paradise Wildlife Park business centre in a group and their requirements will be discussed with the expertise of former speedway rider owner of the Zoo Park Peter Sampson. His experience of dealing with potential sponsors is as proficient as that of rearing wild animals and re introducing them to their natural surroundings. A day spent at this venue is a day of enjoyment and fascination for children and adults.

I thank all of you for your interest in this venture, and assure you that should we fail to meet our target all monies will be returned to source. For further information contact George Barclay on 020 8592 3361.

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This article was first published on 23rd April 2005

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