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Long Eaton Update by John Bailey

Station Road in Happier Times

Former Long Eaton commercial manager John Bailey brings us up to date with the current situation at the circuit. The Invaders were last in action in 1997, but the prospects of a return are now looking good. John takes up the story....

The sad sight of Station Road standing derelict should soon come to an end as a company of developers from Essex are hoping to complete the purchase of the site and have plans ready to put forward to the planning officers.

The plans are for a £7.5 million state of the art stand with seating for two thousand. The stadium will be able to accommodate another two thousand standing spectators

The track will be three hundred metres long, similar in shape and size to Coventry.

The track will be turned round 90 degrees, taking up half of the original site, moving the track towards the railway side of the site.

The track will be used exclusively for speedway - no stock cars, no bangers, no greyhounds.

It will be fantastic to see speedway bikes back at Station Road. Racing will be in both the Premier and Conference leagues.

The stadium should be ready for 2006, but there is a possibility of a few open meetings being staged at the end of 2005 to test everything and get the track right for the big return in 2006.


This article was first published on 31st December 2004


  • Roger Beaman:

    "Great news that speedway will be back at Long Eaton. As a Cradley Heath fan I wish you luck and hope may we see a Long Eaton against Cradley Heath match again. Hope you get some meetings in 2005 and I will come over to have a look."

  • Paul Tromans:

    "I hope the plans work out for Long Eaton's sake, but I must admit to two worries. It is a Development company that is involved and it's a big investment for so little return.

    Remember what happened at Hackney with their brand new stand, also why is the track being turned around?, to develop part of the site I suspect.

    Anyways best of luck to you at Long Eaton, I feel you will need it in the long term."

  • Derek Yeardley:

    "Good site to keep all of us with a little something missing in our hearts (Long Eaton Speedway) hoping for the big day."

  • John Bailey:

    "Yes it is a development company but the site is protected on the Local Town Plan and must be retained as such, nothing else can be built on the site without a Stadium being included. His second point of why is the track being turned round? This is to give room to develop one half to bring in income to help support the Stadium which makes sence. The new Stadium will be safe and is protected from both a financial and local plan situation so look forward to the return of the invaders in 2006."

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