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Speedway Scrapbook: Cyril's Starting Gate

From Motor Cycle News - 24th November 1971

This model of a new type start designed to beat the "rollers" who gain an unfair advantage with a rolling start is the one examined by the Speedway Riders Association at their meeting last week.

As reported in MCN last week, the gate was given the full approval of the riders. In practise it would employ the existing gate represented here by the structure in the centre and the only visible addition would be the metal bar behind - on the left of the model - brought into place when all four riders reach the tapes and allowing them only four inches movement between the tapes and the bar.

The model was proposed by Poole promoter Charles Foot who put the idea forward to Speedway Control Board manager Mr. John McNulty. Here it is displayed by Speedway Riders Association secretary Cyril Brine.

In addition to the bar a time switch is also included in the system so that the tapes do not necessarily go up immediately the referee presses the button. This it is hoped will stop riders anticipating the start.

Said Mr. McNulty last week: "I understand the SRA have given their approval to this system.

"The new start will now come up for discussion at a meeting next month of the starting committee which includes Mr. Reg Fearman and myself and two riders to be nominated by the SRA."

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