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Speedway Poem
(incl. the individual score)
By David Walsh


Who on Earth could approve
Of a project
And what the author would do
With the subject?
Such an 'altus et validus' sense
It's the prime minister of pretence!
You would think
He must think
By majority he'd been

Yet if doggerel
Was good enough
For McGonagall
So there are those
Who would deem it
Good enough
For one and all
Well, quite!

It's all for one
And one for all
But one's sentence will suck
Should a single word
Prove to be appalling
And so to the Speedway Poem...


Which, by the way
Can only begin to rhyme
And make much better sense
If we collectively take the time
Then the symbols, script, each line
Are entered into the mutual grid
Ever so thoughtfully

Of a sort
If you will


This article was first published on 29th June 2014

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