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NEWPORT - Somerton Park

Home of the Newport Wasps from 1964 until 1977

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This article was first published on 30th October 2004


  • Barrie Knapp:

    "I have a number of programmes for this era of Newport Speedway, riders include Alby Golden, Jon Erskine, Peter Vandenburg, Jackie Biggs and so on. I also have a Test Prog; V USSR when Kurilenko rode just a metre from the boards and broke the track record....anyone remember that one? Finest ride I have ever seen even to this day, you won't see that around the current venue, the track may as well be concrete - you would get the same racing no dirt - no passing."

  • Colin Brown:

    "I went to Somerton Park in 1969 for the first in our championship season. Gordon Guasco scored a 12 point max in a 49-29 win then whenTim Stone opened up Hayley Park we went to watch young Martin Willis ride there on several occasions. The sixties and seventies were the halcyon days of speedway in my opinion watching Eric Broadbelt scraping the boards at Poole and winning, top nights."

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