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Paisley Pictures

These pictures courtesy of Bill Elliot

Bernie Foot

Sid Sheldrick

Tom Davie

Paisley Lions 1975

Mike Fullerton

Bernie Foot and Tom Davie

Chris Roynon

Sid and Mick Sheldrick

Mike Fullerton

Chris Roynon and Tom Davie

Bernie Foot and Stuart Mountford

Mike Fullerton

Sid Sheldrick and Stuart Mountford

These pictures courtesy of Martin Mauger

Mid meeting track widening!

Sid Sheldrick


This article was first published on 11th February 2010


  • Stuart McMillan:

    "A lot of very happy memories came flooding back when I saw Bill's photos. I was a 13 year old spotty youth when the Lions raced in my home town and my Dad took me down to Love Street as often as possible. Last year, 2009, I met up with former Lion Mike Fullerton when I was in New Zealand and I must say he was an absolute gentleman. We talked about the old days as we sat in my hotel at Auckland Airport and we laughed until the tears were just about streaming down. Considering we had never met and the fact that it was some 33 years since I had last seen him race in Paisley, we hit it off straight away. A great guy and a top bloke who I will be meeting up with again at the end of October this year, 2010, as I stop over in his home town of Auckland for a couple of days. "

  • J Potter:

    "Good god, those pictures take you back! Only went once to Paisley. Good atmosphere not a big crowd but we all enjoyed it."

  • Mike Wilson:

    "Mike Fullerton the old dog, he hasn't changed much except for no trace of hair whatsoever. I know him well and even late into his career was a hard charger { vastly experienced }. He insists he is still the Paisley track record even now as the track sadly closed not long after. Mike raced in the first NZ over 40's championship a couple of years ago and was lightning quick from the tapes despite being well into his 50's."

  • Jim Baird:

    "Re Stuarts "Mike Fullerton" piece. As an ex Paisley Lion fanatic myself, I'd love to hear more of the stories that had you both in stitches..."

  • Bill Elliot:

    "Re Mike Wilson's feedback about Mike Fullerton, ex Bradford Baron, Berwick Bandit, and Paisley Lion claiming to hold the track re cord at Paisley Love St-he's perfectly entitled to do so because it's true-I was a trainee referee at the time, and as part of the hands on training you sometimes did 2nd half timekeeper-it was on one of those nights that Fully did his track record (an unusual occurrence for a second half) and as I was also club statistician I could verify it with my other hat on-no mean feat as the likes of Ivan Mauger also rode there. Fully was one of the fastest starters in the league at the time and if first out of the gate at Love St was virtually unbeatable. "

  • Phillip Dale:

    "I watched my first speedway at Barrow Bombers, moved to Glasgow area in 75 and went to Paisley and saw half my old team there. I also helped out with the track staff either raking the track between races and even getting to push start Ivan Mauger when he raced there."

  • Duncan Payne:

    "Good to see old Paisley photos, I worked on the trackstaff for the 2 seasons and vividly remember the televised Champion of Strathclyde and Ivan Maugers' gold plated bike. The stadium has only recently been demolished to make way for a Tesco."

  • Graham Platt:

    "Was a regular at Paisley for the two seasons it existed, I was 12 years old. Tom Davie was my favourite & I was saddened to hear he had passed away after a car crash sometime in the early 80's. I've got some of these pictures buried away somewhere, they used to sell these pics at the merch stand."

  • Johno:

    "I would love to get any information you have on Tom Davie please. I'm from Mt Isa and am trying to piece together info on his life/death etc. Many thanks in advance Johno"

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