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Martin Mewies - Speedway Painter

We've featured some excellent speedway related art on the site over the years - poetry from David Walsh, the magnificent 'Five Aces' song by McClelland & Fitzgerald and Jim Blanchard's paintings amongst them. Now it seems that Jim has a (friendly) rival in the speedway artwork arena.

Martin Mewies is the new kid on the block and the picture above is his painting of Leigh Adams in action at the Latvian Grand Prix.

Martin said:

"I got Leigh to sign the mount and the back of the original painting when he came up for the Brandonapolis. I did send a couple down with Rosco to Leigh's farewell meeting so he could sign and sell them, but I don't know whether that actually happened or not to be honest."

The style is undoubtedly similar to Jim Blanchard's and their paths have crossed, as Martin explains.

"My paintings have viewed by Jim at the speedway show over the past couple of years and he reckons I am getting the hang of it! I reckon most viewers of speedway on SKY TV will have seen a bit of my work, the banner 'Chris Harris does exactly what it says on the tin' as shown at Brandon meetings and the playoff final at Poole is one of mine!"

No doubt many of Leigh's followers would like to get their hands on a copy of the painting, so we asked Martin whether this would be possible.

"I don't have any real plans to run prints, I guess you could put my E-mail address on and say that if I get enough interest I will do some. I just get a kick out of people seeing them to be honest, I guess it is the show off in me!"

If you'd like to get in touch with Martin then his email address is martinsquiz@msn.com


  • Sandie:

    "I have seen a lot of Martin's work and he most definitely has a lot of talent. And like Jim Blanchard he is very generous toward speedway good causes."

  • Lynette Schlein:

    "I have seen Martin's work from start to finish. He most certainly has a definite talent in painting speedway riders. He completed one of Rory which was awesome but I'm biased. Well done Martin."

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