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Dream Team : Kevin Huggett

Ray Morton

I have been going speedway since 1988 my first meeting was at Wimbledon and I supported them till they closed in 2005 after that I continued going to various tracks, Arena Essex(Lakeside), Rye House, Mildenhall, Plymouth, King's Lynn, Eastbourne and Isle of Wight.

Leigh Adams
Former world number 2, excellent rider, watched him ride for Arena Essex and London Lions never gave up and always near the top of the averages.

Ben Morley
Local Southend lad, played his part during Lakeside's play off final season in 2018 and always formed a great partnership with other riders.

Ray Morton
My skipper from Peckham and was known has the ripper Sting-Ray, I watched Ray Morton at Wimbledon and I was a member of his fan club during 1989 and 1990 he was one of the best riders I watched.

Andy Grahame
National League Riders Champion 1990, scoring Maximums everywhere he went and was near the top of the averages in 1990 and he was always winning races from the back and was a true gater.

Mark Loram
World Champion 2000, Swedish GP winner 1999, Mark was the best rider I watched through my growing up, Mark was amazing especially during his World Title Year never gave up and was pretty fond of the Arena Essex track.

Danny Betson
Great Rider to have at reserve, best rider to watch especially trying to overtake riders from behind, was an upcoming youngster at Wimbledon in their final year of 2005.

Jason Edwards
Watched him in Lakeside's final year of 2018 he will be one to watch for the future very promising to watch.

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This article was first published on 23rd May 2021

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  • Martin Rogers:

    "As the promoter who recruited Ray (Morton) on his 16th birthday, I have only fond memories of him and his family. He was a cheeky, cheerful character brimming with personality and although he had a decent career I feel he might have achieved more.

    He and his dad used to roll up to our junior training school days and meetings at King's Lynn full of optimism, and signing him was a no-brainer. In his first official public appearance he pulled off a cutback which was reminiscent of the ones Michae l Lee performed on Ray Wilson on his senior debut a decade earlier. Later as a nominated rider in the days the top-flight clubs first mandated use of a British junior, he displayed a lot of promise, never more so than against Belle Vue one time when he led namesake Chris Morton, then one of the world's best, for three and three quarter laps at Saddlebow Road.

    Moments like that identify a rider's potential and had we not sold up at Lynn he would have continued to progress there for sure. Instead the new promotion allowed him to move on, after which perhaps he didn't quite fulfil his potential. Mind you, he enjoyed himself greatly and entertained a lot of people. When the Speedway Star ran a feature inviting riders to name their dream team, he chose me as his team manager. Smart boy. "  


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