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Dream Team : Keith Cee

Have supported various teams, all of which have closed down; does this mean I am a jinx? Liverpool, Leicester and Cradley Heath are my favourite ex-teams, all of which were my 'locals' at some point. My favourite resurrected team will be Birmingham. I also have a soft spot for Plymouth, Neath and St Austell. I have been a supporter since the 1950's.


Alan Grahame
Always gave 100% effort, unless the promoter prepared a track unfit for speedway (are you listening former Cradley Heath and Oxford promoters?). Battled against illness and won, battled against rivals and often won, suffered the handicap of not being born in Denmark or the USA, which would have guaranteed him 1000 times as much in terms of sponsorship.

Ronnie Moore
Undoubtedly the most naturally talented rider of all time. Would have won the world title on many more occasions if he had not taken time out for car racing and a broken leg. Also faced real top liners in Ove Fundin, Barry Briggs, Peter Craven and Bjorn Knutsson for much of his career, unlike modern 'superstars' who have very little sustained quality opposition.

Ove Fundin
A mean rider, in terms of dropping points and giving second best. A hero of Norwich, Sweden and true speedway followers. To him, coming second was a crisis, third or fourth unheard of in the prime of his career. Worth the admission money just so that fans could claim to have seen him ride. Was booed at all away tracks on principle - his punishment for being so good.

Jack Scott
Won the pools in the early 1960's, had some good outings for Southampton, was brilliant at Plymouth and desperately unlucky at Cradley Heath, where he finished his British career in controversial circumstances. A little more assistance and understanding would have helped him turn the corner - a few years later, if he had been Danish or American, a blown engine would have been cause for sponsors to shower him with gift-aid.... a man before his time, unfortunately.

Ivor Hughes
An unassuming hero, who got on with the job of trying hard, making progress and suffered the ultimate bad luck. Died when approaching his peak. Had beaten the reigning World Champion at Cradley Heath shortly before his tragic fatal accident in 1966. Was a shining light at Dudley Wood during a period of underachievement.

Ron Mountford
A tough rider, a gentleman off track. Lived a few short miles from Cradley Heath in the 1960's and took my photo album to get autographs of his Coventry team mates in 1966, a much appreciated gesture. A star at Birmingham for a while, caught up in the South Africa dispute that led to the track closing down and then reached his peak only to be struck by severe injuries in the mid-1960's when rivalling Nigel Boocock for the top spot at Brandon.

Bob Andrews
A world beater unless the track was wet. A top liner at Wimbledon in the latter days of the National League, then moved on to Wolverhampton, before joining Cradley Heath. A brief interlude at Hackney interrupted a successful period at Dudley Wood, where he was always capable of beating the best. A good team man, famous for being Continental Reserve at a Wembley World Final (earning him the nickname of Bobov Andrewski) and for winning the World Pairs Title with Ivan Mauger the year before it became officially recognised.

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