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Dream Team : Jez Godwin

I'm 33 years old, my grandad Geoff Godwin used to ride speedway for Middlesbrough in the 40s/50s. I support England and Peterborough speedway. I stayed in Australia with ex-Peterborough rider John Stayte, and have followed speedway since I was born, attending Wembley world finals in the 70s apparently.


Tony Rickardsson
Saw Tony in possibly one of his first meetings in the UK at Peterborough in a pre season match agaist Rospiggarna. I was very impressed, he scored 16 points and I spoke to him afterwards and got his autograph. In 2005 I watched on the third bend at cardiff as he rode the air fence to win. I'm not surprised he is a six times world champ and most of them in the tougher grand prix format.

Kenny Carter
My favourite rider ever, so much grit. The best rider never to win the world title? Remember all those races with a certain American? Afternoons on World of Sport - Kenny was it for me. I remember him riding with a punctured lung, broken leg and broken jaw. He was a fighter on the track. A British champion who should have been world champ, and was for me.

Mick Poole
Mr Peterborough, that four team championship win, the treble! Can't say enough about Mick he's a great bloke. Hard as nails and unlucky not to be N.L.R.C winner twice! It's a close call between Mick and Jason as to my favourite Panthers rider ever. Thanks Mick!

Hans Nielsen
Still seems to me the real star of the 80s and the pre-grand prix format. He was one rider who I always went out of my way to watch. So good from the gate and at the first bend. One or two run offs going his way and he would be out there on his own with the most world titles. A real perfectonist.

Jason Crump
I'm very pleased I got to see Jason week after week when he started out with the Panthers, right from his first ride at 16. He's gone on to become a two times world champ and counting. One day I hope he returns to Peterborough.

David Norris
First saw him in the four team final riding for Ipswich, he came from last to first in one race and helped the Witches win. Love the passion he has when he rides for England. He seems like you could have a great laugh on the piss with him. Hope he gets to ride at Cardiff as a wild card again as I believe he could still do something special.

Jan o Pedersen
Great style and a nice chap. It's a shame he couldn't go on to win more world titles. Jan and Hans in the pairs were the best pairs riders I've ever seen, they were always miles in front of the rest. Great team rider.

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This article was first published on 19th April 2007

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