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The Internationale 1965
By Tracy Holmes

It was June 7 and this Internationale came sponsored by "W.D & H.O Wills, who make and sell more filter tipped cigarettes than any other manufacturer in the UK. Tonight's special, ESCORT. Escort is a better cigarette. Try one. You'll find 3/6 for twenty is a small price to pay for a better cigarette. Escort Virginia Tipped."

Controversy hit before the start when Wimbledon promoter Ronnie Greene, had to announce that Olle Nygren had been barred by the Swedish Control Board. He was dropped from the programme, replaced by reserve Reg Luckhurst. Olle was allowed to be a reserve and as it turned out, got five rides!

All eyes on heat 1 as the now semi-retired Ove Fundin gated from the outside and swung across to the pole-line. Ivor Brown clipped his rear wheel as he did so and lost control, flying into the fence in an horrific smash. Rushed to hospital, Ivor sustained spinal damage that somehow was not crippling. Although it was a racing accident, Fundin was immediately excluded.

Could Barry Briggs make it two in a row? He looked good in heat 3, outgated by Nigel Boocock, he soon took the lead until his Jawa spluttered to a halt. It was the same for his second outing although he managed to keep it crawling but when he was lapped, it was all over. But having sorted out the ripple in the Matrix, Briggo then stormed to three wins.

The meeting winner was Australia's 'cheerful' Charlie Monk. That came as a surprise to some but his hot form that year saw him hit the heights he would never see again. 13 points beaten only by Gote Nordin and Briggs, he thoroughly deserved to take home the brand new JAP. And an Escort. A box of fags that is!!!


Heat 1. Genz, Luckhurst. Brown inj ns. Fundin ex.
Heat 2. Nordin, Monk, Gooch, Broadbank.
Heat 3. N Boocock, Pander, Harrfeldt. BRIGGS ef.
Heat 4. Knutson, Jarman, McKinlay. How ef.
Heat 5. McKinlay, Harrfeldt, Nordin, Genz.
Heat 6. Gooch, Nygren, Pander. How ns. Brown inj ns.
Heat 7. Broadbank, Jarman. BRIGGS ex/l. Luckhurst fall/ex.
Heat 8. Monk, Knutson, Fundin, N Boocock.
Heat 9. BRIGGS, Gooch, Knutson. Genz.
Heat 10. Nygren, Nordin, N Boocock, Jarman. Brown inj ns.
Heat 11. Monk, Hedge, Luckhurst. Harrfeldt fall.
Heat 12. McKinlay, Fundin, Pander, Broadbank.
Heat 13. N Boocock, Hedge, Genz. Nygren ret. Broadbank ns. How ns.
Heat 14. BRIGGS, Monk, Nygren, McKinlay. Brown inj ns.
Heat 15. Nordin, Knutson, Luckhurst, Pander.
Heat 16. Harrfeldt, Fundin, Jarman. Gooch fall.
Heat 17. Monk, Jarman, Genz. Pander ef.
Heat 18. Knutson, Broadbank, Harrfeldt. Nygren fall. Brown inj ns.
Heat 19. Gooch, McKinlay, N Boocock, Luckhurst.
Heat 20. BRIGGS, Nordin, Fundin, Hedge. How ns.


Charlie Monk 13. Bjorn Knutson 11. Gote Nordin 11. BARRY BRIGGS 9. Ken McKinlay 9. Jimmy Gooch 9. Nigel Boocock 8. Sverre Harrfeldt 7. Pete Jarman 7. Res Olle Nygren 6. Ove Fundin 6. Ronnie Genz 5. Mike Broadbank 5. Reg Luckhurst 4. Arne Pander 4. Res Trevor Hedge 4. Ron How 0. Ivor Brown 0.


This article was first published on 2nd February 2020

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