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The Internationale 1964
By Tracy Holmes

One Lone Star Kiwi lined up at Wimbledon on August 3, Barry Briggs hoping to ride off with the 1st prize, a brand new JAP Speedway bike. The night was sponsored by Embassy cigarettes, 'The best in smoking with gifts for everyone.' And he nailed it!

Unbeaten after 4 rounds, Briggo could afford to cruise around behind Ove Fundin in the last heat and still win by 2 points.

Fundin himself shared overall second with the Super Scot, Ken Mckinlay.

'Speedway Star' reported that the audience was over 16,000. "Not bad lad, not bad at all!"


Heat 1. Nordin, Broadbank, McAuliffe, Hedge.
Heat 2. BRIGGS, Nygren, N Boocock, Andrews.
Heat 3. Fundin, Harrfeldt, Pander, Cresp.
Heat 4. McKinlay, How, Brett. Knutson fall/ex
Heat 5. BRIGGS, Knutson, Harrfeldt, McAuliffe.
Heat 6. Nygren, Broadbank, Cresp, Brett.
Heat 7. Nordin, Fundin, McKinlay, N Boocock.
Heat 8. Andrews, Pander, How. Hedge fall.
Heat 9. Fundin, Nygren, How, McAuliffe.
Heat 10. BRIGGS, McKinlay, Pander. Broadbank ef.
Heat 11. Andrews, Nordin, Brett, Harrfeldt.
Heat 12. Knutson, N Boocock, Hedge, Cresp.
Heat 13. Brett, N Boocock, Pander, McAuliffe.
Heat 14. Knutson, Broadbank, Fundin, Andrews.
Heat 15. BRIGGS, How, Cresp. Nordin fall.
Heat 16. McKinlay, Nygren, Hedge, Harrfeldt.
Heat 17. McKinlay, McAuliffe. Cresp fall. Andrews fall/ex
Heat 18. How, Broadbank, N Boocock, Harrfeldt.
Heat 19. Knutson, Nordin, Pender. Nygren ef.
Heat 20. Fundin, BRIGGS, Hedge. Brett ef.


BARRY BRIGGS 14. Ove Fundin 12. Ken McKinlay 12. Bjorn Knutson 11. Gote Nordin 10. Olle Nygren 9. Ron How 9. Mike Broadbank 8. Bob Andrews 6. Nigel Boocock 6. Arne Pander 6. Brian Brett 5. Sverre Harrfeldt 3. Leo McAuliffe 3. Trevor Hedge 3. Ray Cresp 2. Res Jim Tebby dnr. Res Gerald Jackson dnr.


This article was first published on 26th January 2020

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