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Snapper's Shots of the Season

Glasgow photographer Ian Adam shares some of his favourites pictures from the 2010 season and tells us the story behind them. These pictures and thousands more appear on his newly available picture DVD. Ordering details can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Jason Crump action shot


I love this photo and as soon as I hit the shutter button I knew it was going to be good but I had to wait until the end of the heat to check. This was taken at the European GP at Leszno my first speedway meeting in Poland. When I looked at this photo at first I thought it is a pity that Jason is not looking out front but then the fact that he is looking left for the other riders adds to the photo. No matter what way Jason is looking I think it would still be a good photo and part of that is down to the colours used in Jason's race suit, bike and helmet. The bright colours make the rider and bike jump out of the dark track colours. This shot was taken without flash only using the available light from the track floodlights as this makes the shot more natural.


Glasgow action shot


This was a photo taken during the Glasgow v Stoke match and it shows two young Australians, Nick Morris of Glasgow and Taylor Poole of Stoke both in their first full season in British Speedway. The photo shows what great bike control both these young riders have that they are able to ride so close in full control of their bikes. The main feeling I have from this photo is the fact that British speedway is not producing enough new young riders, partly down to the lack of facilities but at the same time it gives us the opportunity to see these young Australians develop as riders.


Tomas Gollob shot


Here we are talking about Speedway an all action sport and one of my photos is a portrait. It is a shot of Tomas Gollob taken during the post meeting press conference at the Italian GP in Terenzano where Tomas was crowned World Champion with one round to go. The stadium was full of Polish fans and one of the Polish television companies had even set up a studio just outside the pits in hope that he would win the championship in Italy. I love this photo because of the smile on his face realising that he had achieved his goal. I also think the smile also comes from the fact that all the pressure that was on him before the meeting from the fans, press, media and probably himself was now lifted. I don't think anyone in speedway circles could begrudge him his title, well done Tomas.


Stuart Swales crash shot


This shot was taken during the Glasgow v Redcar match at Ashfield in Heat 2. It is one of 15 shots taken in an action sequence and it shows how close Stuart was to clearing the safety fence. Stuart had run into the back of Nick Morris and then the bike went straight towards the fence before throwing Stuart off and he spun through the air before falling down onto the track. Luckily Nick managed to stay on his bike but only after a bit of acrobatics in what was only his second meeting for Glasgow. Stuart took no further action in the meeting but did contact me after the meeting to get a copy of the 15 photos. The rider behind getting the bike down quickly is Jamie Courtney. Crash shots always have an element of luck to them, although not for the riders involved, but as one of my elders told me "when you see something happening press the button and don't let it go!"


Down the fence shot


This shot was also taken at the European GP at Leszno and again is of Jason Crump. The thing that I like about this photo is the fact that it shows you how close the riders get to the fence as Jason went for a very tight space and passed Nikki Pedersen down the back straight. At Leszno we were able to shoot from anywhere round the track and I had moved to the back straight for this heat. They only use the air fence round the bends and there is no air fence down the straights only a very thin looking wooden fence which I was standing next to. One the race started I could not realise how close the guys were getting to the fence, this was a case of hitting the shutter button and hoping I got something good. After I took this shot I thought that Jason was going to end up right next to me!


Once again I have enjoyed taking photographs at the various speedway meetings I have attended during 2010 and when you are enjoying yourself it does not seem like a job. I would like to thank all the riders I have photographed during the 2010 season and I hope to see them again during 2011. I would also like to wish my good friend and the N0.1 speedway photographer Mike Patrick all my best wishes for his well earned retirement.


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Ashfield Action 2010 this year's DVD contains approximately 4,000 colour images, which can be viewed on your Pc or Mac, you can print copies for your own use, you will also be able to view them on your TV if you have a DVD player that can handle picture files.

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This article was first published on 13th January 2011

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