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The Golden Hammer - 1992
By Tracy Holmes and Steve Baker

July 22. 1992.

In my best Wally Loak; well good evening ladies and gentlemen and it's ah welcome to this Golden Hammer report and once again, it's Steve Johnson on the keys for Speedway Star there.

"Sam Ermolenko retained the Golden Hammer with a faultless display. The flying American, who twice came within a whisker of the two-year old track record, was in superb form and was never really challenged. His closest rival after two races was Per Jonsson but after the Wolves skipper beat him convincingly in Heat 9, there was no contest. Ermolenko was troubled just once in his final race when Cradley's Andy Grahame had the temerity to lead him for almost a lap. But then the Wolves favourite produced a terrific surge off the pits bend to sweep past Grahame as if he was standing still."

Sadly missing from the action were the Main Danes, Hans Nielsen and reigning World Champion, Cradley's own Jan O Pedersen. Nielsen was recovering from a broken collarbone but for Pedersen, his career was over. A crash in May resulted in serious back injuries. He escaped a wheelchair and would eventually return to good health but tragically, this era of his life was over.

'Madam Speedway' was beautiful and addictive but she could also deliver a venomous bite. Speedway was much the poorer without the hugely popular Jan O!

Heat 1. Ermolenko, Screen, Louis. Tatum ef
Heat 2. Castagna, Hancock, Dugard, Karger.
Heat 3. Jonsson, Handberg, Andy Smith, Andy Grahame.
Heat 4. Correy, Havelock, Cross, Phillips.
Heat 5. Ermolenko, Havelock, Hancock. Andy Smith fall/ex
Heat 6. Louis, Andy Grahame, Castagna. Correy ef
Heat 7. Jonsson, Screen, Karger, Phillips.
Heat 8. Cross, Tatum, Dugard, Handberg.
Heat 9. Ermolenko, Jonsson, Castagna, Cross.
Heat 10. Louis, Handberg, Hancock, Phillips.
Heat 11. Correy, Andy Smith, Screen, Dugard.
Heat 12. Karger, Andy Grahame, Havelock, Tatum.
Heat 13. Ermolenko, Correy, Karger, Handberg.
Heat 14. Jonsson, Louis, Dugard, Havelock.
Heat 15. Andy Grahame, Screen, Hancock, Cross.
Heat 16. Andy Smith, Castagna, Tatum, Phillips.
Heat 17. Ermolenko, Andy Grahame, Dugard, Phillips.
Heat 18. Karger, Louis, Cross, Andy Smith.
Heat 19. Screen, Castagna, Handberg, Havelock.
Heat 20. Tatum, Hancock, Correy, Jonsson.
2nd place run-off. Jonsson, Louis.

Sam Ermolenko 15. Per Jonsson 11. Chris Louis 11. Joe Screen 10. Ronnie Correy 9. Andy Grahame 9. Armando Castagna 9. Brian Karger 8. Greg Hancock 7. Andy Smith 6. Kelvin Tatum 6. Simon Cross 5. Gert Handberg 5. Gary Havelock 5. Martin Dugard 4. Andy Phillips 0. Res Scott Smith dnr. Res Justin Walker dnr. Jan O Pedersen inj ns. Hans Nielsen inj ns.


This article was first published on 22nd May 2022

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