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The Golden Hammer - 1987
By Tracy Holmes and Steve Baker

July 15. 1987.

Home favourite and defending Hammer holder, Erik Gundersen let no-one down as he scorched to his second straight Title with his second straight maximum. He equalled Kenny Carter's record of twice being the winner and became the first to successfully defend the Title.

The World Champion, Hans Nielsen had to settle for second place for the third time. Maybe only taking some consolation in beating Cradley's Simon Cross in the run-off.

There was just one ripple in the Matrix as Cradley's David Walsh took a nasty tumble in round five, breaking his collarbone.

Heat 1. Pedersen, Cross, Phil Collins, King ef
Heat 2. S Moran, Andy Grahame, Tatum, Silver.
Heat 3. Gundersen, Dugard, Wigg. Jakobsen ef
Heat 4. Nielsen, Ermolenko, Doncaster, Walsh.
Heat 5. Wigg, King, Silver, Walsh.
Heat 6. Gundersen, Tatum, Pedersen, Ermolenko.
Heat 7. Cross, Nielsen, S Moran, Jakobsen.
Heat 8. Andy Grahame, Dugard, Phil Collins, Doncaster.
Heat 9. Tatum, King, Jakobsen, Doncaster.
Heat 10. Nielsen, Pedersen, Dugard, Silver.
Heat 11. Cross, Wigg, Andy Grahame, Ermolenko.
Heat 12. Gundersen, Phil Collins, S Moran, Walsh.
Heat 13. Ermolenko, King, S Moran, Dugard.
Heat 14. Pedersen, Andy Grahame, Walsh, Jakobsen.
Heat 15. Gundersen, Cross, Silver, Doncaster.
Heat 16. Nielsen, Wigg, Tatum, Phil Collins.
Heat 17. Gundersen, Nielsen, Andy Grahame, King.
Heat 18. Doncaster, Wigg, Pedersen, S Moran.
Heat 19. Cross, Dugard, Tatum. Walsh f/ex
Heat 20. Ermolenko, Phil Collins, Silver. Jakobsen fall
2nd place run-off. Nielsen, Cross.

Erik Gundersen 15. Hans Nielsen 13. Simon Cross 13. Jan O Pedersen 10. Simon Wigg 10. Andy Grahame 9. Kelvin Tatum 8. Sam Ermolenko 8. Martin Dugard 7. Lance King 6. Phil Collins 6. Shawn Moran 6. Jeremy Doncaster 4. Andrew Silver 3. Jan Jakobsen 1. David Walsh 1. Res Dean Barker dnr. Res Paul Fry dnr. Paul Thorp ns. Kelly Moran ns.


This article was first published on 3rd April 2022

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