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The Golden Hammer - 1986
By Tracy Holmes and Steve Baker

July 23. 1986.

Steve Johnson for Speedway Star tells us all about it. "Man of the moment Erik Gundersen produced another superb performance to leave a World Class field in his wake and carry off the prestigious Golden Hammer for the first time. Gundersen was a class above the rest as he romped to five brilliant victories, finishing four points ahead of his nearest challengers Simon Cross and Neil Evitts. The consistency shown by the World Champion was something the other riders simply could not match, his rivals faltering in turn and combining to ruin each other's chances. Shawn Moran was forced to retire after his third ride when he aggravated his ankle injury."

Heat 1. Cross, Eskildsen, Nielsen, Doncaster.
Heat 2. Evitts, Phil Collins, Knudsen, Morton.
Heat 3. Gundersen, King, Pedersen. Ermolenko ef
Heat 4. S Moran, Schwartz, Wigg, Bastable.
Heat 5. Morton, Schwartz, Eskildsen, Ermolenko.
Heat 6. Wigg, King, Evitts, Doncaster.
Heat 7. Gundersen, Nielsen, S Moran, Knudsen.
Heat 8. Cross, Phil Collins, Pedersen, Bastable.
Heat 9. Gundersen, Evitts, Eskildsen, Fry. Bastable ex/2 mins
Heat 10. Pedersen, Doncaster, Morton, S Moran.
Heat 11. Wigg, Ermolenko, Phil Collins, Nielsen.
Heat 12. King, Cross, Knudsen, Schwartz.
Heat 13. Knudsen, Pedersen, Wigg, Eskildsen.
Heat 14. Gundersen, Doncaster, Schwartz, Phil Collins.
Heat 15. Nielsen, Bastable, King, Morton.
Heat 16. Evitts, Cross, Ermolenko, Leaver. S Moran inj ns
Heat 17. Phil Collins, King, Eskildsen, Fry. S Moran inj ns
Heat 18. Ermolenko, Bastable, Knudsen, Doncaster.
Heat 19. Nielsen, Evitts, Pedersen. Schwartz ef
Heat 20. Gundersen, Wigg, Cross, Morton.
2nd place run-off. Cross, Evitts.

Erik Gundersen 15. Simon Cross 11. Neil Evitts 11. Lance King 10. Simon Wigg 10. Hans Nielsen 9. Phil Collins 8. Jan O Pedersen 8. Tommy Knudsen 6. Sam Ermolenko 6. John Eskildsen 5. Bobby Schwartz 5. Jeremy Doncaster 4. Chris Morton 4. Shawn Moran 4. Steve Bastable 4. Res Paul Fry 0. Res Nigel Leaver 0. Andy Grahame ns. Kelly Moran inj ns.


This article was first published on 3rd April 2022

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