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The Golden Hammer - 1982
By Tracy Holmes and Steve Baker

July 28. 1982.

Steve Johnson is on the keys for Speedway Star; "England's number one, Kenny Carter, who last year was told he would never be offered another open booking at Dudley Wood, returned to carry off the Golden Hammer in supreme style - and he blasted a warning to his World Championship rivals. Carter was banned by the Cradley management last September after failing to turn up for a British League match. But, he was granted a reprieve by Peter Adams and look full advantage to finish five points clear of the field thanks to a faultless maximum."

The World Champion, Bruce Penhall arrived late as he had been competing in a TV competition where filming ran late. Now just how bizarre would this turn out to be? Then he fell chasing Carter in heat 6. What would be his last ever Hammer was as a bag of luke warm chips. The World Final in LA was one month away. Would his clash with Carter be any more exciting???

Heat 1. Phil Collins, Gundersen, Peter Collins. Sigalos ef
Heat 2. Crump, Alan Grahame, S Moran, K Moran.
Heat 3. Schwartz, Wigg, Les Collins, J Verner. Penhall ns
Heat 4. Carter, King, Andy Grahame, Morton.
Heat 5. Phil Collins, Morton, Schwartz, S Moran.
Heat 6. Carter, K Moran, Peter Collins. Penhall f/ex
Heat 7. Alan Grahame, King, Les Collins, Sigalos.
Heat 8. Andy Grahame, Wigg, Gundersen, Crump.
Heat 9. K Moran, Phil Collins, Andy Grahame, Les Collins.
Heat 10. Wigg, S Moran, King, Peter Collins.
Heat 11. Carter, Crump, Schwartz. Reid ef. Sigalos injured nf.
Heat 12. Morton, Penhall, Alan Grahame, Gundersen.
Heat 13. Carter, Alan Grahame, Phil Collins, Wigg.
Heat 14. Peter Collins, Crump, Morton, Les Collins.
Heat 15. Penhall, Andy Grahame, S Moran, J Verner. Sigalos ns
Heat 16. Gundersen, Schwartz, K Moran, King.
Heat 17. Crump, Penhall, Phil Collins, King.
Heat 18. Andy Grahame, Schwartz, Alan Grahame, Peter Collins.
Heat 19. Morton, Wigg, Reid. K Moran ef. Sigalos ns
Heat 20. Carter, Gundersen, Les Collins, S Moran.
Run-off for 2nd; Crump, Phil Collins, Andy Grahame.

Kenny Carter 15. Phil Crump 10. Phil Collins 10. Andy Grahame 10. Alan Grahame 9. Simon Wigg 9. Bobby Schwartz 9. Chris Morton 9. Erik Gundersen 8. Bruce Penhall 7. Kelly Moran 6. Peter Collins 5. Lance King 5. Shawn Moran 4. Les Collins 3. Dennis Sigalos 0. Res Andy Reid 0. Res Jan Verner 0. Mike Lee ns


This article was first published on 13th March 2022

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