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The Golden Hammer - 1981
By Tracy Holmes and Steve Baker

Aug 5. 1981.

For Speedway Star, Steve Johnson told us the sad story; "Cradley's biggest open meeting, with 9 World Finalists on view, had to be abandoned after 14 heats when a heavy thunder storm flooded the track. Storm clouds which had been threatening from the start broke as the riders came out for heat 12 and the track quickly began to resemble a skating rink. The rain had almost stopped when referee Stan Green called a halt but Cradley promoter Peter Adams claimed the damage had already been done. All of the riders agreed that the track was too dangerous to continue racing, which had been excellent before the cloudburst. Title holder Chris Morton had reeled off three immaculate wins before getting filled in, in Heat 14. Bruce Penhall, going all out for his first Golden Hammer success, was unbeaten in three outings."

Kiwiland LARRY had redeemed himself for last year but sadly, the night ended with yeah but noo but...

A re-run date of October 24 was also rained off and so, for 1981, there was no result.

Heat 1. Penhall, Phil Collins, Rasmussen, Andy Grahame.
Heat 2. ROSS, K Moran, Knudsen, Les Collins.
Heat 3. Morton, Carter, Gundersen, Olsen.
Heat 4. Schwartz, Alan Grahame, Lee, Nielsen.
Heat 5. Gundersen, Nielsen, Rasmussen, K Moran.
Heat 6. Lee, Carter, Phil Collins, Knudsen.
Heat 7. Morton, Andy Grahame, Schwartz, Les Collins.
Heat 8. Penhall, Alan Grahame, ROSS, Olsen.
Heat 9. Morton, Knudsen, Alan Grahame, Rasmussen.
Heat 10. Phil Collins, Schwartz, Olsen. K Moran fall
Heat 11. Gundersen, ROSS, Lee, Andy Grahame.
Heat 12. Penhall, Les Collins, Nielsen. Carter ef
Heat 13. Les Collins, Olsen, Rasmussen. Lee ef
Heat 14. ROSS, Phil Collins, Nielsen, Morton.

NO RESULT. Scores being; Bruce Penhall 9. Chris Morton 9. LARRY ROSS 9. Phil Collins 8. Erik Gundersen 7. Bobby Schwartz 6. Alan Grahame 5. Mike Lee 5. Les Collins 5. Kenny Carter 4. Hans Nielsen 4. Bent Rasmussen 3. Tommy Knudsen 3. Ole Olsen 3. Kelly Moran 2. Andy Grahame 2. Res Dave Shields dnr. Res Dave Perks dnr. Res John McNeil ns. Dave Jessup ns. John Titman ns.


This article was first published on 13th March 2022

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