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The Golden Hammer - 1980
By Tracy Holmes and Steve Baker

July 23, 1980.

The sun was out for this one and after heat 3, the meeting had to be held up for ten minutes, allowing the glare to disappear! But still shining at the end of the night was the Belle Vue ace, Chris Morton. Taking home the Hammer, beaten only by Dave Jessup.

The Americans were next, both two points behind with former winner, Scott Autrey beating Kelly Moran in the run-off. At half time, Jessup was unbeaten and had 3 points sewn up in round four, until his engine failed on the run to the flag. Unable to even salvage a point. Unlucky?

John Davis would later say, "It just happens too often."

Mike Lee, riding under the injury cloud produced two wins. And the two KIWIS in the field failed to fly.

Heat 1. Alan Grahame, Penhall, ROSS, SHIRRA.
Heat 2. Lee, Bastable, Gundersen, Les Collins.
Heat 3. Jessup, Autrey, K Moran, Nielsen.
Heat 4. Morton, Schwartz, Davis, Andy Grahame.
Heat 5. Nielsen, Alan Grahame, Davis. Gundersen f/ex
Heat 6. K Moran, Schwartz, Lee, ROSS.
Heat 7. Jessup, SHIRRA, Andy Grahame, Les Collins.
Heat 8. Morton, Autrey, Penhall, Bastable.
Heat 9. Jessup, Morton, Alan Grahame, Lee.
Heat 10. Autrey, Gundersen, Andy Grahame, ROSS.
Heat 11. Nielsen, Schwartz, Bastable. SHIRRA ef
Heat 12. K Moran, Les Collins, Penhall, Davis.
Heat 13. Autrey, Schwartz, Alan Grahame, Les Collins.
Heat 14. Bastable, Davis, ROSS. Jessup ef
Heat 15. Morton, K Moran, Gundersen, SHIRRA.
Heat 16. Penhall, Lee, Nielsen, Andy Grahame.
Heat 17. K Moran, Alan Grahame, Bastable, Andy Grahame.
Heat 18. Morton, Nielsen, Les Collins, ROSS.
Heat 19. Lee, Autrey, SHIRRA, Davis.
Heat 20. Penhall, Jessup, Gundersen, Schwartz.
2nd place run-off. Autrey, K Moran.

Chris Morton 14. Scott Autrey 12. Kelly Moran 12. Dave Jessup 11. Bruce Penhall 10. Alan Grahame 9. Mike Lee 9. Hans Nielsen 9. Bobby Schwartz 8. Steve Bastable 7. Erik Gundersen 5. John Davis 4. MITCH SHIRRA 3. Les Collins 3. LARRY ROSS 2. Andy Grahame 2. Res Ila Teromaa dnr. Res Dave Perks dnr


This article was first published on 13th March 2022

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