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Garage Mahal II
By Ivan Blacka

Malcolm Brown and Steve Luxton

I recently spoke with Steve Luxton about his fantastic Speedway garage museum. Steve would like to share his Speedway memorabilia with the fans of Speedway-Plus.

This is his story about the - Garage Mahal II (The New Beginning)

Steve is a Speedway enthusiast that was born in Exeter, England and was taken to a speedway meeting in the summer of 1974 by his cousin. Steve picks up the story from here.

"I started going every week after that until I moved to the USA in 1987! Scott Autrey and Steve Gresham were my heroes and Mauger of course! I fell off the speedway map when I moved to Florida, but my love for the sport was reignited on a trip back home to the County Ground in 2002. My collection started shortly after that when Exeter Legend Michael Coles came out to the states for my wedding and gave me a Falcons race jacket.

Ebay got me started but since my collection has grown I have received things from riders that would rather see me display their things than keep them in a box somewhere! Exeter's Krister Marsh , Poole's Neil Middleditch and Ivan Blacka have all sent me some prized items this year and being such a fan of those guys and the sport, it just blows me away!!

I've got some special things from some great people, but the one thing/s I have is Malcolm Brown's entire race kit! Leathers, facemask, gloves, boots and scarf! Malcolm lives close by but it took me over a year to track him down, but now we are great friends and my whole family just loves Brownie!

I had the idea for The �Garage Mahal� even before we built our house, so most of the things were planned way ahead, and only money held things back! We sold our house this year and I'm now rebuilding the Garage Mahal II and having fun doing it. I've never been the kind of guy that just collected just to collect and I've got a deal with any rider that ever wants his gear back is all they have to do is ask"

People from all continents can visit this wonderful Speedway Garage for free on their visit to Florida. Contact Steve Luxton at sjluxton@comcast.net to arrange a tour on your next visit to Florida. The garage is located in Jupiter, Florida and is close to West Palm Beach two hours south of Orlando. Don't forget to bring a 6 pack along for a nice drink and chat about his Speedway collection that is one of a kind.

Any riders or supporters that would like to donate any merchandise to be displayed can contact Steve Luxton. Anything to do with Speedway will be much appreciated to make this grow into the biggest display on the east coast.

Here is a selection of pictures from Garage Mahal II:


This article was first published on 27th August 2011


  • Gerald Clark:

    "It is fantastic for Steve to get some recognition for his wonderful collection. Steve works tirelessly helping to run speedway in Florida and to help where he can back home, especially towards helping defunct tracks like Exeter, Cradley and Ellesmere Port etc. Keep up the great work Steve, and hopefully we can get over to see The Garage Mahal 11 next year."

  • Phil Cain:

    "Wheres your speedway Bar??? (;O))"

  • Bob Wilson:

    "What a superb array of speedway goodies this is! Well done To Steve on what is a simply stunning speedway collection. Have never been to the States before, that might change after seeing this little lot!!"

  • Bert Harkins:

    "Great display, Steve, I can see that we have a Florida rival to our National Speedway Museum here in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. Well done, but where do you park your car now??"

  • Anonymous:

    "Oh how I wish I could have a garage like that - thanks for sharing, a brillant collection."

  • Steve Luxton:

    "Thanks guys for the nice feedback, I really enjoy sharing my collection and love people stopping by to talk speedway! (and Phil the speedway bar is coming)!"

  • Karl Fiala:

    "The Garage Mahal is an outstanding display. Top marks to Steve Luxton for ALL that you do for the sport of Speedway."

  • Keith Dwyer:

    "Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection Steve. Also looking forward to meeting you in person when you come over to the Ellesmere Port Gunners reunion as my guest. Also one of my other guests is Karl Fiala."

  • Ewan Todd:

    "Steve, yer a leg-end bud. I'm working on mine as we speak."

  • Steve Magro:

    "Very impressive Steve. Florida is a very nice part of the world to have a museum of speedway too! Maybe one day me and my wife could get over there and take a better look...close up!"

  • Dave Midgley:

    "Well well Steve what an impressive Garage of speedway Memorabilia you have ....a very nice collection .....how long has it taken you to collect all these valuable speedway goodies. I would love to look round your museum.....I expect you're still collecting"

  • Anita George:

    "A truly stunning collection Steve-well done. I would love to see it if I ever get to Florida."

  • Brian Dymond:

    "Love your work . Bring back Exeter Speeday , Steve Luxton for prime minister."

  • David Smith:

    " Great collection Steve, well done."

  • Steve Luxton:

    "Since moved to a new house and the "Cobra's Garage Mahal" is getting put together and things are looking better than ever! Anyone who ever wants to visit is always very welcome!"

  • Tony Loader:

    "A fantastic tribute to our sport Steve!"

  • Alan Baker:

    "Great article and a great collection. Having met Steve on more than one occasion can tell you his enthusiasm and passion for Speedway are equally as impressive as his collection. Great bloke too."

  • Mike Langevin:

    "I have yet to meet Steve but I have been invited to his home to watch some GP and check out what looks like a speedway fan/rider museum."

  • Sean Cook:

    "Thank you Steve & Julie. What you do for the special sport of Speedway is outstanding. Respect to Mr. Exeter. Beautiful Museum. I would love to edit together some clips for you."

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