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The Elite League is Going Up its Own Exhaust Pipe
By Pat Jackson

Jason Doyle in Leicester Colours

Speedway seems to be back in the early 1960s again, the Elite League is destroying itself and Leicester seems to be the victim. An outspoken promoter has been picked on because of a disagreement with the ref, which seemed to be six of one and half a dozen and other. The promoter goes over the top, but in my opinion the ref was not fit to referee a LUDO competition!

Leicester got a heavy fine, but one of the 'magic circle' clubs would have had a slap on the wrist.

Leicester moved heaven and earth to get Jason Doyle permission to ride in Britain, and then he moves back to Swindon, that's life! With a dire shortage of top riders Leicester are cut adrift and left to struggle just left to make the numbers up. King's Lynn were in a similar situation until their ex number one had a change of heart, but they still struggle.

In earlier days Leicester would have been told to drop a division because they were too weak, but the Elite League is in such a mess they are allowed to compete. Now Leicester have pulled out of their last league match and will possibly be punished for this.

What next? 7 teams next year and 6 teams the year after?

The Elite League is going up its own exhaust pipe. All that happening at the moment is re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. A totally independent enquiry is needed now to sort this mess out, just as it was in 1964.


This article was first published on 25th October 2016

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  • Mali Halls:

    " I totally agree...I cant see how it still goes under the banner of "Elite". It has got weaker and weaker over the years, and I'm sure it wont be too long before Sky TV offloads it. The days of 2 top heat leaders, are long gone, and the teams are so unbalanced. Bring back the days of Hancock & Hamil and Adams & Rickardsson."

  • David Bradbury:

    "I totally agree, the Elite League is on its last legs. I am a Belle Vue fan but would gladly watch the Aces in the Premier league.There needs to be big changes brought in for the Elite League to survive."  


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