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Dream Team : Dean Hall

I first went to speedway in 1982 at the old now legendary Hyde Road where I saw Belle Vue against Cradley Heath in the KO Cup Final. Since then I have continued to support the Aces through thick and thin, and yes there has been a lot of thin!! However last season was great and all the Belle Vue riders deserve a big pat on the back. Let's have the title this year lads!

MortonKelly Moran

Shawn Moran
What can I say, by far the best speedway rider I have ever seen. He was also great when he rode for our rivals over the border. Should have won a World Individual Final, great captain and team man and could always produce the goods when the pressure was on. Also deserves a mention as Belle Vue's last championship winning skipper.

Kenny Carter
No I know he's not an Ace but he was England's only answer to the Danes and Yanks in the early eighties. I still remember all the stick he used to get from rival fans but he never cared. We sadly will never know what he would have achieved if he would not have left speedway so soon.

Chris Morton
Mr Belle Vue, so loyal to the club. Fantastic captain also brilliant to watch as he always had to pass due to his pathetic trapping skills! Never seen anyone ride Hyde Road better than Mort. Yes PC included as I was too young to see him at his peak.

Bobby Ott
Main reason I have chosen Showtime is Wolverhampton '92. The last time we won the league, pressure race last heat, championship on the line. Made a superb start and never looked like getting caught by the Wolves pair which was just as well as both passed Lyons on the last lap.

Jason Crump
Jason has held Belle Vue together on his own for the last few years, when quite frankly we were a bit of a joke. Was great to see him crowned World Champ last year and become our first World Champ since PC in 76. Leads the team from the front and a great example to his team mates.

Mike Faria
Flying Mike may have only had a relatively short stint at Belle Vue but he was really hard to beat around the tight circuit in the late eighties. Always thought he could have gone further in world speedway, perhaps he came over to England a little too late.

Kelly Moran
For pure natural skill he has to be in my team. Great to watch and at the end of the day we all go to speedway to be entertained and Kelly did that. Also deserves more credit than he gets, as I'm sick of people saying how he wasted his talent. I say remember the good times.

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This article was first published on 3rd March 2006

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