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Dream Team: Darren Ashman

I am 36 and grew up in a speedway supporters house. My Father was a follower of the Norwich Stars and then King's Lynn. My two older brothers became speedway fans and then myself. I am a King's Lynn Fan. My first meeting would have been in the very early 80's. I have been to tracks all over the UK including Bradford, Ipswich, Cradley, Coventry, Reading, Belle Vue and Poole. I can still be found at King's Lynn most weeks.

Gustaffson Cook
Michael Lee
Growing up in a speedway hosehold in the late 70's early 80's, Mike The Bike was something of a legend.By the time I was old enough to go to speedway Mike was already starting to unravel as a rider and as a person. I will never forget the night he returned to action for King's Lynn vs Reading in the 90's.The place was packed and Mike went out and won his first race like he had never been away. A born speedway rider and the reason I fell in love with the sport.

Dave Jessup
Always in the shaddow of Michael Lee at Lynn and a totaly different rider and person. If Mike had an off night or did not even turn up,Dave would carry the team. DJ could always be relied upon to score well even in the weak Lynn sides of the 80's. He dropped down to the National League with Mildenhall too soon but was great to watch on our trips to West Row.

Henrik Gustafsson
When it was announced after the World Final in 1990 that a British League club had signed Henka and it the turned out to be Lynn, I was thrilled.There was a lot of hype about the Swedish sensation but Henka lived up to it all. One of the most exciting riders of his generation especially around Saddlebow Road. His passing from behind was amazing to watch. He was a true speedway superstar at the time but was one of the nicest guys around.

Mark Loram
Having Henka in your team was one thing but when you add Mark Loram too, then its a wonder Stars fans had any nerves left at all!.If only he could have gated then he would have won far more in his career, but, that would not have been half as fun to watch. Loramski never knew when he was beaten and never gave up. He was spoilt at Saddlebow Road where he could miss the gate and get away with it, but such fun to watch. A real shame how it all ended for Mark.

Jason Crump
My favourite rider of the current generation. Jason was fantastic for the King's Lynn Silver Machine in the short time he was with the club. Not since the days of Lee and Jessup had Lynn had a formidable heat leader duo as they did with Crumpie and Leigh Adams. He could always be relied upon to score double figures. I would love to see him return for one more season in the UK and win another world title but it is looking unlikely that either will happen.

John Cook
A rider more associated with Lynn's local rivals Ipswich. I would always look forward to derby day with the Witches, even more so if Cowboy was involved. Always flamboyant and entertaining on and off the track.His right leg off the side of the bike coming off the bends was a sight to behold. He was a vital part of Lynn's K.O. Cup winning side in 2000.

Richard Knight
I have many great memories of following Richard in the old World Championship rounds. He was never the best rider but he was a tryer and deserved to make his one World Final in 1990. He was very loyal to King's Lynn during hard times for the club and can still be seen at the Norfolk Arena most weeks.

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This article was first published on 10th November 2011

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